Blog Tour: Bitter Angel by Megan Hand – Review & Giveaway

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So thrilled to be part of this blog tour. ”Bitter Angel” is that kind of book you’ll never forget and I absolutely loved it<3

Before I show you my review, I’ll like to present you the book and the author:

Attractive young woman

Title: Bitter Angel

 Author: Megan Hand

 Release date: April 1, 2013

 Age Group: Mature Young Adult

 Genre: Contemporary/Thriller

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 Book Description:

 Torn between two realities.
A choice that will mean life or death.
She won’t know anything… until she wakes up.
 College sophomore, Lila Spencer lived Friday night twice. She doesn’t know how or why, just that she did. As if she split in half and went in two different directions.
Out clubbing with her friends, Heather and Nilah, the girls rock it out and party hard. What begins as an innocent night will lead to a deadly fight for their lives, and Lila might be their only chance for survival.
 In bed with her boyfriend, Jay, Lila is safe and warm as she drifts to sleep in the arms of the man she loves. Until she is sucked into a horrifying nightmare of her friends’ deaths.
 As the sunlight warms her face on Saturday morning, the two scenarios collide. But there can be only one outcome. Will she wake up in her warm bed with Jay by her side, devastated and grieving for her friends? Or was she there to save them?
 The answer is just the beginning.

About the author:

megan hand

At twelve, Megan decided to write a novel. A month later, she quit. A reading junkie by nature, she started writing again in her twenties as a way to get the voices out, because who wouldn’t want to create a Real Living Person out of thin air? Megan also plays the piano and sings. She teaches little kids and takes pictures of pretty butterflies. She eats way too much chocolate, is sort of a mad scientist with her blender, and spends an unhealthy amount of time LOLing on Facebook and Twitter. She lives in Ohio with her husband and very smiley son. Bitter Angel is her first published novel.

Social Media links:

Twitter – @MeganHandWrites;

Website –

Facebook –

Goodreads –

Here you have my review:

Holy lemon!!! This book was just..WOW! It is that kind of book you can never forget. The plot was beyond my expectations (in a good way, of course), the characters were amazing, down on earth and very interesting and that cover, so simple but it definitely matches the book.

It was strange and she knew it. Lila lived Friday night twice. But, why? With what purpose? One time she went with her friends, Heather and Nilah, in an underground club and the second time she woke up near her sweet boyfriend Jay

Bad things were about to happen when Lila find out that her first ‘dream’ was just a vision. The kidnapping hasn’t happened yet and she must stop it from happening. This time was for real. Bad guys, drugs and a bad-ass heroine called Lila Spencer. She wasn’t crazy, she was in danger. Did she and her friends survive? You have to read the whole book to find out.

Like I already said, I am in love with ‘’Bitter Angel’’. Megan Hand did a great job with her debut novel and I can’t wait to see her future projects. I love her for writing this story, but mostly, I love her for creating Jay. He was the perfect boyfriend EVER! Sweet, sexy and omg, he was playing the guitar. I liked Lila as well, but Jay will always have a special place in my little beating heart<3

Overall, ‘’Bitter Angel’’ is a MUST READ! I highly recommend it for everybody. You’ll get wrapped in the story and you’ll beg for more in the end

As for the giveaway, you can enter HERE at an International contest and HERE at a US only contest 😀 The prizes are:

(2) Signed print copies of Bitter Angel – US Only

(1) Book themed t-shirt – US Only (

(1) $50 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble – Open to countries that can use the online stores

(10) eBook copies of Bitter Angel – International




Pretty Little Liars pe ecranele din Romania

In sfarsit serialul realizat dupa cartile Sarei Shepard (Micutele Mincinoase) va aparea si pe ecranele din Romania 😀


Banuiesc ca deja ati auzit toti de serial, eu il ador 😉 Mai am 10 episoade din sezonul 3 dar mi-e frica sa ma uit pentru ca stiu ca o sa plang pana apare sezonul 4.

Ei bine, daca nu ati vazut serialul pana acum, eu zic sa-i dati o sansa. Puteti sa-l vedeti pe ProCinema de la ora 20:00 in fiecare seara (cred?) incepand cu data de 29 Mai. Serialul nu se prea aseamana cu cartile, doar prima carte practic se petrece in primul episod. Dar clar, serialul este mai bun 😉

Ce ziceti, va uitati?


Concurs Swag-uri

Cum am zis in postul de ieri, ca sa sarbatorim faptul ca am scapat de teze, o sa organizam un concurs cu swag-uri 😀 Sunt doua pachete mari (zic eu) de swag-uri surpriza de dat, deci inseamna ca vor fi doi castigatori 😉


Ce ziceti? Va inscrieti? :D Cerintele sunt foarte simple, doar lasati un comentariu care sa contina e-mailul cu care urmariti blogul si numele vostru adevarat.


Succes tuturor<3


Palavrageala de Sambata #9

Salut dragilor, ce mai faceti? 😀 Eu una nu am mai postat demult pe blog. Nici nu prea am avut chef, dar am si fost ocupata in ultimele 2 saptamani.

Saptamana asta am avut 3 teze (Cris 2) si 2 teste si culmea, toate au fost cam usoare 😀 ceea ce e ciudat. Teza la mate a fost atat de simpla, penal de simpla. Si asa s-a intamplat si cu aia de la istorie. Ne-a dat de invatat vreo 40-50 de pagini si teza a fost doar din 3-4 pagini. Aici nu ma plang, pentru ca oricum nu am putut sa retin tot din caiet (serios acum, revolutia aia avea 20 de pagini…).

Dar sa vorbim despre altceva. Ce ati mai citit in ultima vreme? Eu momentan am 3-4 carti incepute si nu stiu pe care sa o continui. Cred ca azi termin ”A Shade of Vampire” de Bella Forest, e geniala 😉 si e cu vampiri (iar mie nu prea imi plac vampirii).

Mai incolo (sau maine daca uit) o sa dam startul unui concurs cu swag-uri, asa ca sa sarbatorim ca am scapat de teze. Doar ca pachetele cu swag-uri o sa fie surpriza 😉 Ce ziceti? Veti participa?

Va dorim un rest de weekend placut si ne auzim mai tarziu 😉


Requiem for Blood Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway


Today we’re part thankful to be part of the Requiem for Blood Blog Tour 😀 I was supposed to write a book review, but because of my final exams I didn’t have time to finish the book. So I’m going to post an excerpt and a giveaway<3 😉



Requiem for Blood by Alexandra Hope
Publication: February 7th 2013
Genre: Upper YA Paranormal/Dark Fantasy
Marrying East Asian mythology with Western folklore, this novel has a surprising twist for fans of the paranormal genre!

Seventeen year old Olivia Cohen has also had an appetite for blood and an aversion to the sun as a human and when she is killed by a mysterious young woman, she finds her appetite has heightened and her skin is now burned by the sun. Living her life in a colony with other people who live a „vampire-like” lifestyle, she has grown up hunting humans and believing there is a blood so powerful it will turn them from vampire-like into true vampires. On one of Olivia’s final nights as a human she meets eighteen year old Troy Evans and is immediately drawn to the unique scent of his blood. Now as an actual vampire, she must learn how to suppress her need to hunt and kill for his sake and decide if his unique blood is worth saving from those who seek it.

16+ for dark themes.



“I know hiding is prey mentality but come on,” Felicity whined, feigning disappointment.
“I’m not hiding,” said Olivia as she stepped from behind the tree and showed herself. Felicity threw two shuriken as soon as she revealed herself, their sharpened blades just missing Olivia’s arm and embedding themselves into a tree. A blur before her eyes, Olivia was gone and replaced by leaves and dirt stirring in the air.
“What the hell….” her voice trailed. She tucked her head into her shoulder and put her arm up to shield her eyes from the dirt.
When the dirt and leaves had settled she turned and saw Olivia had ran off. She took a machete to a tree, only managing a dent to its massive bark. “This is hardly fair Olivia,” she yelled.
She pulled out a third weapon from her jacket pocket before whispering, “It’s a good thing that I don’t fight fair.”
Felicity shrugged the jacket off, tossing it to the ground and walked through the forest, alert. At every slight movement she threw shuriken and always just missed Olivia who scrambled behind trees and further into the forest. Olivia thought of the many times she was forced to play predator in these woods and how her heart raced with each close call. She imagined if her heart could beat at that moment it would pump itself right out of her chest. When she had gotten far enough away from Felicity she lay quietly onto her back, her arms sprawled out to the side. A branch rattled above her, leaves falling down and as she looked up a bird spread it’s red wings and flew into the night sky.
Relieved, she closed her eyes and buried her head back into the damp ground. It was no more than a few seconds before they shot back open. Felicity’s machete was coming down quickly but as she looked on, it felt like it was barely moving toward her. The blade was closer than it seemed when Olivia tried to roll to the side. Her shirt, soaked and dingy, was caught under Felicity’s foot, forcing her to squirm out of it or fall prey to the blade. She was out of the shirt and back on her feet before Felicity could see anything. Though the night was cold and she was now only in a camisole, she felt no different as she sped through the forest. Her movements were fast and fluid like globs of light streaming passed Felicity forcing her to throw three more throwing stars with poor precision. She took a right to avoid the attack and grabbed onto a large tree.
Olivia was only a third of the way up the tree when she felt Felicity tug her leg. She kicked her leg back, striking Felicity at the jaw. Stumbling back, she spat red and her blue eyes had turned a piercing cold. Olivia was sitting on a branch when Felicity stuck her third weapon, a sai, into the trunk and used it to scale the tree, pulling it in and out as she went up. Olivia leaned backwards and her legs wrapped over the branch before she could plummet to her un-death. After hanging backwards and awaiting Felicity, she lifted her legs from the branch and fell gracelessly onto the ground. The landing was anything but soft, her body cut up and blood seeping out as she sprinted away. Within seconds the wounds closed up leaving only a dull pain as a reminder that she had been cut. Felicity slid down the tree and took in the scent of Olivia’s blood, a smile creeping on her face. She followed Olivia’s scent but stopped when her foot came over something buried under the leaves. She picked up the hook sword and added it to her collection of unauthorized weapons then continued after her scent. When she heard rustling to her left, she stopped and pointed the hook sword in that direction with her last shuriken in her other hand. Olivia had been deliberately rustling leaves under her feet to beckon Felicity toward her, kunai in hand.
The final shuriken struck Olivia’s arm and she cried out.
“First strike’s mine,” Felicity declared as she appeared in front of her. Though Olivia had expected her to attack, even with her vampire senses, she couldn’t detect the direction it was coming from. Olivia held tightly to her injured arm, the wound unable to regenerate as the weapon remained lodged in her. Felicity’s eyes had warmed up unexpectedly when she saw Olivia clawing at her arm.
“Stop moving, I’ll get it out,” she said. She fell beside Olivia and put her hand to her arm but was caught by Olivia. With theshuriken still stuck in her arm, she grabbed Felicity’s wrist and held it tightly.
“I’ve finally gotten your last throwing star.”
“You wanted it to get lodged in your arm?” she sat back, bewildered.
“Surprised?” asked Olivia, her voice getting smaller but a faint smile on her face.
“At your stupidity? Yes.”
Olivia’s grip was tighter on Felicity’s arm, so much that she could feel the bones grinding beneath the skin. She winced at the pain, but tears did not well in her eyes. “Are you enacting your revenge? Quite the sore loser you’ve become,” Felicity commented through gritted teeth.
Olivia pulled out the kunai from her pocket.
“I never wanted to do this,” Olivia admitted.
“Do what?”
The kunai struck Felicity’s jaw and blood spurted from the cut. She took her free hand to her face but still did not cry. Her eyes were bold. “You wanna kill me? Go on, do it. It’s natural order….considering how many I’ve killed.”
“I would never kill you,” she confessed. “But I couldn’t…”
The scent of Felicity’s blood had stopped Olivia in her verbal tracks. Felicity smiled, a rather sweet smile.
“You smell it too? Something—”
“Shut up,” her voice was more pained than annoyed as she screamed at Felicity and then her eyes went dark.
Olivia pulled her head from Felicity’s neck, her body languid and covered in blood.
No, she thought as she sank into the trunk of the tree.
Felicity’s voice was a murmur as her name choked out of her month. She coughed. “You’re a vampire…but how?”
She looked down at a bloody Felicity, her eyelids hanging over her blue eyes and threatening to close.
“I wish you didn’t…”
“Didn’t what?” she asked through coughs, her eyes studying Olivia’s.
“I wish you didn’t know that I was a vampire.”
Felicity’s eyes shot open, her imposing blues bright on her face but without their usual iciness.
“I wish you would just forget…” Olivia’s voice was almost a whisper as she stared at her.
“Forget what?” Felicity asked, her eyes blinking rapidly. She put her hand to her jaw then to her neck, pulling back a crimson stained palm. “What happened?”

As for the GIVEAWAY, you can enter here to win some cool prizes 😀

Thanks for stopping by<3



Touching the Surface Romanian Blog Tour: Review

Before I start to write my review, I want to thank Andreea and Mrs. Kimberly for giving me the opportunity to be part of this blog tour 😀 I absolutely loved this book!

*If you click on the picture you’ll find more about the book on Goodreads*


I must start with the fact that when I started reading this book I didn’t intend to give it 5 stars. The beginning was confusing for me and a little bit boring but then all the pieces started to fit in my mind. At the ending I realized & learned so many things about forgiving yourself and the other people, life and afterlife. Kimberly Sabatini, you’re a genius and I have to thank you for writing this book, it was awesome

Elliot Turner is dead for the third time and she is back at the Obmil. This time things are different because she must remember her past and try to discover her mistakes. Here, she meets Oliver, the boy she killed in a car accident when she was alive who is also her Passenger, and Trevor, Oliver’s brother, a jerk.
She has to Delve. Not alone, but with Trevor, the boy who seems to have the strongest connection with her. Together they uncover the real truth about their first lives, the truth that has hurt so many people, including Oliver, Julia (Elliot’s ”supposed” best friend in all of her lives) and the two of them. They do not hate each other, but maybe is it true love ? Only their hearts know the truth.


Kimberly’s characters were a challenge, at least some of them. I didn’t like Elliot at the beginning because she was so weak, fragile and sometimes annoying. But she evolved during the book and I liked that. I also didn’t like Julia, because I thought she abandoned Elliot and she wanted Trevor *grhhh* but you’ll see how things change till the end of the book. Trevor and Oliver were complete opposites and they were just amazing and cute. Even though Trevor was a jerk, he is my favorite character.

You have to love his cocky attitude, his smirks and lips. Oliver was the quiet one, the real brother and friend always there for you. We have a lot more important characters like Mel, David or Freddie.

Overall, ‘‘Touching the Surface” is an amazing read, I highly recommend it for the lovers of YA and Romance books. Maybe you won’t like it at the beginning, but please DO NOT stop reading. You’ll be dumbfounded at the ending and you’ll give me reason.


whiteThe book’s song:

What do you think about TTS? Would you like to read it?

Deci, ce spuneti? Ati vrea sa cititi cartea aceasta? Va garantez, merita din plin 😉

Opriti-va si pe blogul Andreei, Identify Reading, pentru o noua recenzie si pentru o sansa de a castiga ”Touching the Surface” la concursul organizat de ea si de autoare.


Castigatori concursuri

Ne pare rau ca ne-a luat atata timp sa anuntam castigatorii, dar zilele astea am fost ocupate si am uitat complet 😀

Sa incepem cu castigatorii de la concursul cu swag-uri:


Si cele 3 fete care vor primi cate un postcard cu THE VANISHING OF KATHARINA LINDEN sunt:

Milky_Way_Blue_AbstractFelicitari fetelor, asteptam datele voastre pe una dintre adresele:

O sa incercam sa ajungem la posta saptamana viitoare, si atunci o sa punem si premiile de la concursurile fulger si cel de la ”Star Fish” 😉

Va multumim tuturor pentru participare :D O zi buna.