Interview with M. Stratton ~Author of „After the Storm”~

First of all, I want to thank you, Mrs. Stratton for accepting this interview. After the Sorm is definitely on my TBR list ❤

I hope you, guys, will enjoy the interview 😉 Here is the book’s synopsis:


Alexia “Lexi” Hanson moved across country and rebuilt her life after the attack that could have destroyed her. She enjoys her simple life in the beach cottage. Life was complete in her eyes.

Noah Matthews is Rock & Roll’s hottest star and on top of the world. After years without a break he finds the solitude he craves at his beach house. Enjoying his early morning coffee Noah was surprised to watch his neighbor sneak into his garden and start crawling around.

They never saw what was coming that fateful morning. Someone else was watching them. Someone who thought she belonged to him and would stop at nothing to have her.

Lives are changed forever when they meet amongst the blooms in his garden. Even when things seem darkest, there is always light After the Storm.


  • Tell us something about you. What means writing for you?

I love to read. I can’t even put a number on how many books I have read. If a story is good enough I will read it over and over again. That is one thing that has been so hard about writing, I don’t have the time to read, because once I start a book I HAVE to finish it. There is no writing until the book is done. I have always loved to create stories in my head; I am just now putting them down for others to read. I love the characters and situations I put them in.

  • Were you scared about people’s reaction when they read your book for the first time?

Scared is too tame of a word for how I felt, and still feel. This is a part of me that I created and put out there for everyone to see.
Who is your favorite author and which is your favorite book? Can you recommend us a book?
My comfort food of books is just about anything by Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich. I have also read a lot by Dean Koonz, James Rollins and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

  • Tell us something about your book, After the Storm. How would you describe it?

I call it a romantic thriller with a side of humor. There are parts that will make you sigh, look over your shoulder in fear, and laugh.

  • Is it hard being an author?

Very hard, being a wife, mother, daughter and employee it is hard to find the time to write. When I do have the time getting the story down is easy for me. Then comes the beta reading, changes, editing, changes, more editing and more changes. That is also hard.

  • Which book do you wish you could have written?

Any of the James Rollins Sigma Force books or Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon books. I love how they create a story around history.

  • If you were a supernatural creature, which creature would you be?

Vampire. That was easy! I have always loved vampire books and movies.

  • Does music inspire you? What kind of music do you like to listen?

I love all kinds of music, so I listen to everything. I love it when a song can invoke a feeling, when the artist completely catches a mood in only a few minutes and tells a story.

  • Do you have another project in your mind?

Too many! I have about eight stories just waiting to be told. Romance, thriller, vampire, magic, monsters.

  • Would you like to say something to your readers?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I am so amazed and thrilled that you have embraced my debut novel.


M. Stratton is a wife and mother who grew up in a small town north of Chicago before moving to Arizona. She is currently working in accounting for a plumbing company.

M. Stratton has spent years telling herself stories to fall asleep at night before deciding it was time to get them down on paper for the world to see. She currently has eight different stories fighting to be told. Like everyone else she was afraid to put the stories down and send to publishing companies. With today’s Indie market she decided now is the time.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to add After the Storm on your TBR list 🙂


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