Review: ”Smitten” by Lacey Weatherford

Life is good. Cami is away at her dream college with her dream man by her side. She thinks if she can just get through with meeting Hunter’s family that everything will be perfect. Little does she know that life’s about to turn upside down again when Hunter is called to infiltrate a gang whose specialty is chopping and racing cars. His contact happens to be a beautiful curvy girl who is the gang leader’s sister and he has to pose as her boyfriend. Communication with Cami is basically forbidden to help keep his cover.

Hunter, however, can’t stand being away from the girl he really loves, and he sneaks away one night to meet her across town. He doesn’t know the gang leader, Ripper, has suspicions about him already and he’s following him to see where he goes. He surprises Hunter and Cami, and Hunter quickly introduces her as his cousin who is having some car trouble. He thinks all is well until he discovers he has one serious problem. Ripper likes Cami and decides to pursue her, drawing her into the same dangerous world he’s supposed to bring down.

Can he keep his cover without having Cami get caught in the crossfire? Will the two of them survive having to watch each other fake it in the arms of another? Or will their hot stolen kisses destroy everything?


Okay, I waited too long until I read this book because it was really awesome and it’s an amazing sequel. I liked Crush more though. Smitten was like an emotional rollercoaster and I mean it. Sometimes I was so happy and sometimes I was so nervous that I wanted to break that Kindle. I had so many emotions and a good part of them were emotions like nervousness and rage. Sometimes I wanted to kill Hunter/Dylan because he had to kiss that slut. And Cami had to kiss that killer. It was a very tensioned situation and all those feelings were send to me. That means to read a good book.

But before I start, I need my fangirling moment because Hunter/Dylan is to drooling for. He is so sexy that sometimes hurts. The cover’s model is a perfect representation for him. Hunter/Dylan had that attitude which only sexy and bad boys had. He’s a hottie and I think he’s the every girl’s dream 🙂


Now I’ll start with the characters, like always. I like Cami because she always is thinking about the others and then comes her turn. She is now in Tucson and she’s a student. When things became normal between her and Hunter and they were finally together, something should intervene and they were apart again. Cami loves Hunter endlessly and when she had to be another girl’s boyfriend, she was very jealous, but she knew that Hunter must do his job. Cami suffered every time when Hunter kissed Roberta and she wanted to kill her, but that was a part of the job and she wanted to protect Hunter. But now she is in a bigger danger because Roberta’s brother, Ripper, had a crush on her and he didn’t give up, so Cami had to be included in police’s plans and she was undercover too. But she was Hunter’s foster sister and that was a killing thing.

Hunter (I like more this name because it fits better) was undercover and he had to arrest Ripper. Roberta was also undercover, but she kinda fell in love with Hunter. Hunter and Roberta had to be lovers and Hunter hated it because he only saw Cami and there wasn’t space for another girl. He was so jealous when Ripper kissed and touched Cami that he barely stopped himself for killing Ripper. He was an ‘overprotective brother’ for Cami and whenever they were alone, they couldn’t keep away from each other. Hunter wants to protect Cami and he blames himself because she put her into this. But without her, the things would never go that way. He loves her very much and he wanted to know her safe, but the situation is very tensed. When Hunter had to be with Roberta and Cami with Ripper, it’s like hell because they were jealous and worried and they had to remain calm. It was very hard and I, like reader, wanted to kill Roberta and Ripper because they stayed between Cami and Hunter. But they had also their moments and in those moments they were full of love and passion. Their kissed were hungry and it was like they were very thirsty and just found some water. If Hunter was before a player, now he sees only Cami and his love for her is huge.

‘’What wouldn’t be fair is losing you because of a job. I’d be crushed. Don’t you remember Sheridan told you I was smitten with you? Well, it’s true. I’d do anything to keep you by my side.’’

‘’Don’t ever leave me, Cami. You have no idea how much I need you.’’

Russ was a great friend for Hunter and Cami and he was on her side when Hunter was gone. Plus, he was very funny and was impossible not to laugh when he was near. He is a very enjoyable company and he keep Cami’s part even when Ripper was near and wanted to do some ‘indecent’ things.

‘’Excuse me, but I beg to differ. I practically need a mind wipe after spending time with you two. It’s almost like watching porn or something.’’

I slapped his arm. ‘’Whatever! We are so not like that!’’

‘’Hunter, I love you,’’ he said in a high-pitched voice. ‘’You’re my world, Cami,’’ he mimicked in an overly deep tone before he wrapped his arms around himself and started making moaning and kissing sounds.’’

Ripper was a jerk and he just wanted to sleep with Cami. He was an auto thief and he also was a player. He was gross when he touched Cami and gave her those dirty sights. He is a pig and I just hate him and his ‘job’.

Roberta was a totally bitch and she thrown herself at Hunter with every occasion, especially when Cami was around. She was also a liar and she behaved like a slut. I hate the persons who intervene between people just because they have a stupid obsession and they are like an arrogant child. Roberta isn’t an exception.

Hunter’s family was supportive and they liked Cami from the beginning. They supported Hunter and Cami and were happy because they were together. Cami’s family had the same opinion. And Chris was really cute, especially when he was ‘drunk’  🙂

The end wasn’t something WOW, but I’m happy things were good and everything was back to normal. And I tell you, Roberta is a psycho. Overall, this book was great and this series is amazing. You must read it! And Hunter had a car accident, a bad one.


***5/5 moons***


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