Review: ‘Obsession’ by Jennifer L. Armentrout

He’s arrogant, domineering, and… To. Die. For.

Hunter is a ruthless killer. And the Department of Defense has him firmly in their grasp, which usually doesn’t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad guys. Most of the time he enjoys his job. That is, until he’s saddled with something he’s never had to do before: protect a human from his mortal enemy.

Serena Cross didn’t believe her best friend when she claimed to have seen the son of a powerful senator turn into something… unnatural. Who would? But then she witnesses her friend’s murder at the hands of what can only be an alien, thrusting her into a world that will kill to protect their secret.

Hunter stirs Serena’s temper and her lust despite their differences. Soon he’s doing the unthinkable—breaking the rules he’s lived by, going against the government to keep Serena safe. But are the aliens and the government the biggest threats to Serena’s life… or is it Hunter?


OMFG! This book is awesome and Jennifer is officially my favorite author ever. Your books are simply amazins! I love all of them! Okay, go back to the subject 🙂 ‘Obsession’ had totally fried my brain cells 🙂 It was so intense and interesting too, even the most part of the book was about only Serena and Huter. It wasn’t boring at all. And how could it be when you’re in Huter head? He has a very dark side, but Serena enters in his mind, soul and heart and she made him to wish to be better, better for her. They had many hot moments too and I was shocked because I only read ‘properly’ books written by Jennifer, but she has a lot of talent and her books are always amazing. But still I was shocked 🙂

Anyway, you know that Hunter is hot, right? But he is even hotter and I totally hate all the heroines from the books! Why in the real life  doesn’t exist those goodies? I’m totally disappointed! Hunter is dark, sexy, bad and he makes you wanting to do bad things. He doesn’t give a piece of shit on humans and he couldn’t understand why the Luxen fall in love with them. This is until he met Serena, a hot blonde who changes him.

“Never in my life had I been more frustrated. Go figure it wouldn’t be with a human but a freaking alien. At least I now knew that the male species were asses no matter what planet they hailed from.”


Serena is a 23-year-old woman who watched her best friend die, actually killed by a Luxen. So, now I really don’t know which are the bad boys here: Arum or Luxen? It’s confusing. Anyway, Serena must be protected by Hunter, so, after she is attacked, she moves with Hunter. And the attraction amongst them can’t be ignored. And that attraction will become love.

“I smiled then—a big, toothy idiotic smile— and Serena didn’t see it. Her eyes were closed, which was good, because I was turning into one big vagina.”

And reading this book I found out Opal’s end and now I want to cry because ‘Origin’ is too far away! In ‘Obsession’ appears Daemon, even if he didn’t tell his name, I know it is him. This book is mostly about Serena and Hunter’s love story (and what a love story) but the ending is crucial. Hunter was fighting. A lot. Only for Serena. But before that, they had sex. A lot of sex actually 🙂

And some quotes:

“Then in one fluid, unbelievably quick motion, he rolled off and stood. Jesus, the guy was part alien, part human, and part ninja.”

“At least I now knew that the male species were asses no matter what planet they hailed from.”

“Hunter’s stomach was perfection—each taut muscle tight and totally lickable. Not that I’d ever licked a man’s stomach before, but now I got why someone would want to. I was in six-pack heaven.”


***5/5 MOONS***


What do you think? I can’t wait for the sequel! ❤


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