Touching the Surface Romanian Blog Tour: Review

Before I start to write my review, I want to thank Andreea and Mrs. Kimberly for giving me the opportunity to be part of this blog tour 😀 I absolutely loved this book!

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I must start with the fact that when I started reading this book I didn’t intend to give it 5 stars. The beginning was confusing for me and a little bit boring but then all the pieces started to fit in my mind. At the ending I realized & learned so many things about forgiving yourself and the other people, life and afterlife. Kimberly Sabatini, you’re a genius and I have to thank you for writing this book, it was awesome

Elliot Turner is dead for the third time and she is back at the Obmil. This time things are different because she must remember her past and try to discover her mistakes. Here, she meets Oliver, the boy she killed in a car accident when she was alive who is also her Passenger, and Trevor, Oliver’s brother, a jerk.
She has to Delve. Not alone, but with Trevor, the boy who seems to have the strongest connection with her. Together they uncover the real truth about their first lives, the truth that has hurt so many people, including Oliver, Julia (Elliot’s ”supposed” best friend in all of her lives) and the two of them. They do not hate each other, but maybe is it true love ? Only their hearts know the truth.


Kimberly’s characters were a challenge, at least some of them. I didn’t like Elliot at the beginning because she was so weak, fragile and sometimes annoying. But she evolved during the book and I liked that. I also didn’t like Julia, because I thought she abandoned Elliot and she wanted Trevor *grhhh* but you’ll see how things change till the end of the book. Trevor and Oliver were complete opposites and they were just amazing and cute. Even though Trevor was a jerk, he is my favorite character.

You have to love his cocky attitude, his smirks and lips. Oliver was the quiet one, the real brother and friend always there for you. We have a lot more important characters like Mel, David or Freddie.

Overall, ‘‘Touching the Surface” is an amazing read, I highly recommend it for the lovers of YA and Romance books. Maybe you won’t like it at the beginning, but please DO NOT stop reading. You’ll be dumbfounded at the ending and you’ll give me reason.


whiteThe book’s song:

What do you think about TTS? Would you like to read it?

Deci, ce spuneti? Ati vrea sa cititi cartea aceasta? Va garantez, merita din plin 😉

Opriti-va si pe blogul Andreei, Identify Reading, pentru o noua recenzie si pentru o sansa de a castiga ”Touching the Surface” la concursul organizat de ea si de autoare.



3 gânduri despre „Touching the Surface Romanian Blog Tour: Review

  1. furelise spune:

    Aspectul blogului, da, spre ruşinea mea n-am mai intrat de mult pe aici, este bestial! Îl iubesc 🙂 😡 Recenzia e tare drăguţă, îmi place mult coperta 🙂

  2. Daniela spune:

    Frumoasa recenzia, I love it<3 😉 Am primit si eu cartea in format electronic de la o prietena si de abia astept sa o citesc. Ador gif-urile 😀

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