Playing Hooky Blog Tour: Review

PlayingHookyTourBannerSo excited to be part of this blog tour. Playing Hooky by Rita Webb is a fantastic read that I’m pretty sure it will please everybody. Here you have my review:

HookyI love this crazy book with all my heart<3 Wish it were longer than 100 pages. I highly recommend it, it’s a short read who will make you really happy. And let me tell you that I ADORE the cover. Believe me, it is perfect for the story.
”Playing Hooky” was something new to me. Rita Webb introduces us in the circus’ world, a world where elves, sirens and unicorns are something normal.
On Valentine’s Day, Jason took Emma in a special place, the circus. Jason is Emma’s best friend and he really loves her (and Emma loves him), but he never told her the truth. Here, Emma discovered that Jason isn’t normal either, he has a complicated past behind his back. 
A unknown girl stole the siren to get her blood for a love potion (crazy idea, isn’t it?. Only Emma and Jason could get her back and this was when their new adventure began. But the surprise is when they find the girl, who is Emma’s little sister, Angelina. Why did she steal the siren’s blood? For who? And most important, how far would she go to hurt Emma?Like I already said, this book was crazy, full of action and a little bit of romance. I want to read more about the couple Emma and Jason, they were so cute together. They deserve a happily ever after






–Barnes & Nobles:

Thanks for stopping by and I really hope you’ll give this book a chance. It is worth it!<3





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  1. Aw what pretty gifs! >.< Glad you enjoyed it, Antonia! Sounds like an exciting read!

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