Cover Reveal: ”Vitro” by Jessica Khoury

When a mysterious email from her distant mother summons Sophie Crue to the South Pacific, she hopes that at last she’ll discover the truth about her mom’s research for an enigmatic company called Corpus. With the help of young hotshot pilot Jim Julien, Sophie finds the island where her mother works and there meets the last person she expects, as well as a host of teenage “Vitros,” whom Sophie’s mother has created as test subjects for a chilling new technology. With the Vitro Project on the brink of disaster and every avenue of escape cut off, both Jim and Sophie must decide what part they will play and whose side they will take.

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Despre mariacris98

Be Weird. Be Random. Be Who You Are. Because You Never Know Who Would Love The Person You Hide.

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  1. deea s spune:

    oooo doamne e superba:xxxxx

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