Happy Birthday Abbi Glines!!! ♥

Abbi Glines Birthday Bash


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Happy, happy birthday Abbi!!! We wish you all the happiness from the world, a beautiful life and many health. We love your books and we hope we would read more of them 🙂 We made for your birthday a collage, a poem and a letter for you 🙂 We hope you like it!




I read only „Breathe” and „The Vincent Boys”, but I tried to make the poem with almost all your books.


And now an amazing giveaway:

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Thank you for stopping by and Abbi, we hope you enjoyed the letter and the poem! ❤


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Un gând despre „Happy Birthday Abbi Glines!!! ♥

  1. Simona Husaru spune:

    Happy Birthday, Ami!!! 😀

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