Otherborn Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway


I love this book with all my heart and I am so honored to be part of this blog tour! Hope you’ll like my review 😉 :


sqwsqwswq”Otherborn” was beyond my expectations and I totally love it<3 When I started it I was a little bit bored, but now I ended up staying all the night up finishing it. Crazy, huh? When I finished it, I was like this:

London and her friends -Zen, Rye, Avery and Kim- are special, they are the Otherborns. They can dream in a world in which nobody else can. Soon, two of their friends are murdered and Avery is ”kidnapped”. Just because of her they leave the Capital City to find her. But does Avery worth the effort? In fact, she is their loyal friend, or not?
The teenagers will discover a new world where the Tycoons are in command and the Outroads are gathered in camps. In one camp they meet Tora, a Seer. They don’t how much this girl will help them. Horrible things will happen because of the Tycoons, even London provokes some damages – and all five (London, Rye, Zen, Kim and Tora) must fight for their lives.

I must confess I hated Tora at the beginning. Why? Because she liked Rye, and Rye was in love ♥ with London. Even though he never said that to her. He and London shared only one kiss and that’s all. I wanted see more romance between R&L. I wanted to kill him so many times because even when London told him what she really felt about his sorry ass (and after what had happened with Tora) he didn’t do anything. I mean, boy, tell her that you love her, that you want her! Rye was a nice guy and I think he didn’t deserve what the author had done with him at the ending. That’s why I need book two ASAP! Besides these three crucial characters, the rest of them were good. I have to say I was very surprised to find out what a bitch Avery can be. I wanted to rip her head off. How could she have done that to Zen, to everybody? I’m pretty sure she will piss me off too in the next volume.

Overall, I highly recommend you this book! It’s a very good dystopian with action, suspence and a little bit of romance. Anna Silver is one of the debut authors who already amazed my with their talent in 2013! Plus the cover is drop dead gorgeous❤ So go, buy it, read it & love it



You can purchase it from here:


Barnes & Noble

As for the giveaway, enter here if you want to win an e-copy of ”Otherborn” 😀

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post!



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