The Kings of Charleston Book Tour: Review & Giveaway

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Another good book that I lately read is ”The Kings of Charleston” by Kat H. Clayton and today I have to post my review. Hope you’ll like it<3


asad”The Kings of Charleston” is an intense read and I’m pretty sure everybody who loves action and a little bit of romance will like it. It’s not the best book I have ever read but I really enjoyed reading it.

Casper’s parents forced her to move to Charleston, because of an important business with Tyson Roman. Of course, Casper was not happy about the idea, although she had to comply with it. At the beginning it was hard for her but then she met Cal, Tyson’s son and everything became better. Cal was hot, crazy *in the good way* and dangerous.

He and Casper fell in love right way and that’s why I liked this book. Even though I wanted to see them more attached to each other. I wanted more romance and I think this book NEEDS more romance. The problem is that everybody is hiding a big secret, one that may destroy Casper’s life. She will have to face Kythera, an important organisation composed from all the wealthy people in the world (including Cal) and some more enemies. They want to dominate her life and she has nothing to do to stop it. But maybe Cal’s love will be her salvation.

I wanted more action too. Don’t get me wrong, the author made an amazing job with this book but I want to be dumbfounded in the next volume. The ending was good and terrifying so the book gained one more star. I really didn’t expected that! I also have an impression that J (you don’t get his whole name) wasn’t the only one known involved. So book two, I’m here and ready to love you<3

Overall, I recommend you this book. You may like it or you may hate *fingers crossed for liking* it is that intense. I liked the plot, the characters and the writing style and I am still fangirling over Cal so go and READ it (even if you do it just for him *sighs*)!


five stars

As for the giveaway, you can enter here. Open to US/CAN/UK  😀

Also, you can purchase the book from here:

Thanks for stopping by 😉

2 gânduri despre „The Kings of Charleston Book Tour: Review & Giveaway

  1. kathclayton spune:

    Antonia, thank you for taking the time to read and review my book! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I can say that the sequel has more action than the first and a couple of twists I think you’ll enjoy. Also, I love the car in the post! It’s perfect for the book!

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