Fraction of Stone Book Tour: Review & Giveaway


Today is a nice day for me, because I can finally post my review for ”Fraction of Stone”, a book written by Kelley Lynn 😀 After you read my review, you can also participate in a cool giveaway<3


1363027364”Fraction of Stone” was an interesting book and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read it. It is full of action, adventures and suspense. Kelley’s writing style was beautiful enough to make you want to read more and more.

*This is how I looked when I realized school was starting and I didn’t have any more time to read from the book*

Kelley tells us the story of Akara and Ryan, two people endowed with magic and cool skills. Ryan saved Akara’s life and now he is determined to make her believe that the world is worth saving. Akara had a rough life before she met Ryan. She lived in a cage, without good food, a friend is something that could make her feel alive. Until she met Ryan – a good-looking boy with a strange sense of humor. They both put their life in danger when they went in an adventure. It wasn’t really an adventure, it was more like a necessary trip to save the world from crumbling.

They went to find the four Gia stones and the answers to their questions. Who are they? And why are they the only ones with magic? So many problems, so little time. They will encounter obstacles in they trip, people who will want them death or alive. Like I already said, it is an amazing book which made me explore new feelings and sensations.

It doesn’t have romance, not at all. I wished it would, because Ryan and Kara seemed to be perfect for each other. I am sucker for romance and normally I would have lowered the rating, but this time I just couldn’t do it. Totally STRANGE!

Overall, I loved this book and I am dying here, waiting for the sequel. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat and the characters made me scream, laugh or even cry a little bit. I am definitely Kelley’s new big fan. Believe me, that woman can write a story!


5stars-11You can purchase it from here:

And now for the giveaway: enter this Rafflecopter 😀 Don’t miss the chance to win an e-copy of this intense read. You’ll love it<3

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4 gânduri despre „Fraction of Stone Book Tour: Review & Giveaway

  1. Kelley Lynn spune:


    Thank you for taking the time to review my work! I really appreciate such an honest review. And I promise, there will be more romance in the sequel 😉 Thank you!

  2. Haha that gif is so cute! So happy you enjoyed it it sounds like a really fun and excitin read!

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