Dracian Legacy Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

I am so honored to be part of this blog tour 😉 ”Dracian Legacy” was so cool, I wanna re-read it! Thank you so much, Priya, for giving me this opportunity<3 Here you have my review, hope you’ll like it:

dsfsI love this book with all my heart! The story is original and well-written. Priya wrote the perfect YA book and I am pretty sure that the sequel will be better than this one. I already miss everybody!

Dracian Legacy is about Ren, a seventeen-year-old girl. After her parents died, she only had her brother, Joshua. I loved their brother-sister relationship. I wish I had a relative like Joshua, he was so suportive and kind. I am so sad for what had happened at the end of the book. Priya took me by surprise with her final decision.

Ren’s life changed when she met Axel, a Dracian fighter. Axel was hot, good, dangerous and he had a helluva motorbike. Perfect combination, don’t you think? Well, things weren’t that easy. The two of them fell in love from the first moment, but at the beginning they were afraid to admit it. Sometimes Ren was insecure: Axel or Dean? You must be wondering who is Dean. He was Ren’s best friend and he loved her. Dean wasn’t normal neither. In fact, nobody was normal. Everbody had a hidden secret. But let’s talk about Dean. He made me laugh so HARD! His jokes were amazing, besides the fact that he was smoking hot. He was a man whore *giggles*

The war between the Dracians and the Telalians was coming and Ren was prophesied to end it. She didn’t know how important she was in that whole game. Ren had to take some important decisions and some of them weren’t that easy. Goarders and Proxy Succubies were just a little part from her enemies. It was time to react, to fight for their lives!

I loved all the characters. All of them! Axel was my favorite, although it was hard to choose between him and Dean. If you read this book, you will understand me. They were both smart and fucking sexy, so…

The second character I liked was Ren. She evolved in every chapter, she became stronger and I liked that at her. At the end of the book, she was fearless.

Overall, I highly recommend this book! It stole my heart, my mind and soul. Priya is an amazing author and I want to read more books written by her. She did a great job with her first novel. I like the way she described the kisses between Ren and Axel. It was so romantic and sexy! I really believe Dracian Legacy is a MUST READ! It left me speechless.

WERWER5stars (1)

You can buy it from here:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dracian-Legacy-ebook/dp/B00BFECT1I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360915686&sr=8-1&keywords=Dracian+Legacy

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dracian-legacy-priya-kanaparti/1114543174?ean=2940016311784

Also, you can enter a lovely giveaway here 😀 Good luck, guys<3

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4 gânduri despre „Dracian Legacy Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway

  1. furelise spune:

    Ce recenzie frumoasa 🙂 Nu stiam despre ce este cartea, desi am mai auzit de ea 🙂 Deja imi place de Dean si Axel ❤

  2. Romina Gianina spune:

    Wow cat de tare arata nu auzisem de cartea asta pana acu !

  3. Daniela spune:

    I love your review<3 I wanna read this book so badly! Thanks for the giveaway 😀

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