Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale

ooHolly Smale’s debut novel is perfect. It is that kind of book that makes you laugh your ass off. When I first read the description, I thought it would be a good YA book, but I was wrong. It is so much more than that.

Meet Harriet. She is a super GEEK and nobody likes her.

Except Nat, her BFF, her family and her stalker Toby. Everything changes when a model agency discovers her at The Clothes Show. You think that being a model is awesome, isn’t it? Well, for Harriet being a model means not being anymore a geek.

Pretty clothes, fancy make-up, a cool boy named Nick and a little bit of fame – this is what Harriet gets from her new life. But is it what she really wants? She misses Nat (who hates H because she lied to her) so much and she would do anything to gain her back. So many wonderful things happen throughout the story. I must remember you that we also have a little bit of romance with Harriet and Lion Boy (Nick’s nickname).

I liked the way Harriet evolved in this book. At the beginning she was scared of Alexa (the crazy bitch who made her life a nightmare), she was scared of herself, but at the end of the book she became fearless. Harriet was a real character – she was so funny and she had a nice and crazy family. Her dad was the best! He called his wife, Annabelle (and Harriet’s step mother) a werewolf with month periods *giggles*

In fact, all the characters were unforgettable and I loved them all! This book has an original subject and I have never read another book like GEEK GIRL before. It was beyond my expectations and I was so lucky to get a manuscript from HarperCollins. Holly Smale did a great job with her first debut novel and I am dying to read more books written by her. Her book rocked my world<3

The official release of GEEK GIRL is on 28th February so I tried to not give any spoilers 😀





3 gânduri despre „Review: Geek Girl by Holly Smale

  1. Daniela spune:

    Nice review<3 I love the cover and the title ''Geek Girl'' 😀 Is sounds like a funny book. Even if I didn't read it I know it must be good 😉

  2. Simona Husaru spune:

    I liked your review! 😀 Really awesome! I also read the manuscript and it was an amazing read! Funny and powerful.

  3. Romina Gianina spune:

    Pe mine nu prea ma atrage cartea asta 🙂 . n-as da banii sincer

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