Review: Flyaway by Helen Landalf



This book was intense, beautiful and sad at the same time. I will always remember ‘’Flyaway’’ and how much the story meant to me.

Stevie had a hard life with her mother. I can’t believe she had to suffer so much and sometimes I just wanted to go and hug her (to bad it wasn’t possible).

Her mother tricked her and made her believe that she wanted a better life, a life without drugs and Drake. This man was Stevie’s mother’s boyfriend and he was a jerk. Drake wanted June (Stevie’s mother) and of course, he wanted to catch Stevie too. When June disapeared for many days, Stevie’s aunt, Mindy, took care of her. I really liked her. Mindy did her best to be a good relative for Stevie. In the end, she found her true love, Rick (he was Stevie’s tutor).

But let’s say that something was good in Stevie’s life: Alan. Of course, he was a bad boy but he had a big heart. I liked the fact that both of them evolved till the end. I also liked their relationship, although they had to face some issues. They met in a strange way: when Stevie found a hurt robin. It seems to be that Alan worked at ‘’On the Wing’’, a place where he and a nice lady named Valerie took care of birds.

The ending was bittersweet for me, but it was OK. Finaly, Stevie found happiness with the ones she loved, even if that meant a life without her mother. I was very happy for her because she really diserved what she got. Like I already said, she suffered a lot.

Overall, I recommend you this book with all my heart ! The author did a great job and I would love to read more books written by her.


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3 gânduri despre „Review: Flyaway by Helen Landalf

  1. Daniela spune:

    I love your review and ”Flyaway” sounds amazing! Wish I could read it too 😀

  2. Maria spune:

    Imi place mult coperta si titlul ”Flyaway”. Suna dragut<3

  3. cat am asteptat recenzia asta ..ciudat insa ca nu am observato

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