Respect Month Blog Tour – Featuring ”Shackled” by Angela Carling


Today is an important day 😉 I have the pleasure to be part of this amazing RESPECT MONTH BLOG TOUR featuring ”Shackled” by Angela Carling. Can’t wait to hear what you think about my review and about the lovely interview with the author<3


‘’Shackled’’ is one of the best books I have EVER read. After reading it, I became an emotional wreck. The story is so complex and beautiful, you will beg for more, believe me. But the most important thing is that ‘’Shackled’’ has an important message for everybody. Unfortunately, nowadays, many girls are in Lucy’s situation and it’s not OK. If you read this book, you will be dumbfounded.

Everything changed when Lucy Taylor moved with her family in a new town. She was the new girl and HE put his eyes on her.

Ryan Hillstead was exactly the type of boy who Lucy wanted. He was handsome, smart and educated. He and Lucy developed a beautiful relationship and I must confess that at the beginning I loved Ryan too. This sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But it definitely isn’t. Here comes the hard part: Ryan was very jealous and he acted like a possesive guy everytime Lucy was around Mason (or other boys), his best friend. Mason loved Lucy, but he respected her and he never tried to stole her from Ryan.

Ryan’s father, Mark, was a sick man. He taught his son that women must be dominated and kept against their will. He gave Ryan a tracking bracelet for Lucy and he put a GPS in her phone.  They were insane! The serious part was that May, Ryan’s mother, was in the same situation. She wore a tracking bracelet for many years.

When Lucy discovered the real Ryan, she was shocked because she really loved him (or at least, she thought she loved him). He became a hunter and poor Lucy was his prey. With Mason’s help, Lucy tried to get help. Did she find the help? Did Ryan and his father hurt her? So many questions and Lucy was running out of time.

In this hunting and thrilling journey, Angela Carling says the story of an innocent girl who thought that she had found love, but instead she found the big bad wolf.

Overall, ‘’Shackled’’ is a MUST read! I just love this book with all my heart and I’m so honored that I had the opportunity to read it. It talks about abuse, domestic violence and respect. It really shattered me!


And because I liked the book so much, I also created two Fan-Arts 😀

Dark Forrest Shadows



Now it’s time for the fun interview with Angela: BeFunky_5331346.png

1. Tell us something about you. Did you always wanted to be a writer?

Oh Yeah, I always loved stories.  I was one of those kids that was always playing make believe when I should have been doing my chores…and got in trouble for itJ

2. For those who are unfamiliar with your book: SHACKLED, how would you introduce it?

I would rather tell you what other readers say about Shackled. They describe it as gripping and emotional, and a fast moving story of love gone awry. I will tell you it has some great twists and a love triangle.

3. What would your dream cast be for SHACKLED?

It’s funny you ask that because Shackled is being adapted into a screenplay as we speak. A company called Brothers inc bought the rights last year and are almost finished with the screenplay.  As for a dream cast…


For Lucy-Amanda Seyfried,


For Ryan- Scott Shilstone


For Mason-Liam Hemsworth

HOTTIES GALORE..That’s the important thingJ



4. Can you recommend us another YA book?


I really enjoy work by Tiffany King and anything by Chelsea Fine. She happens to be my neighbor and friend but man, that girl can write a story.

5. What was the best gift you ever got?

A kitten given to me by my husband when we were dirt poor. He is the greatest husband ever and the cat, Nala lived with us for 14 years!

6. Which book do you wish you could have written?


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, her work is so masterful and romantic.

7. Would you like to say something to your Romanian fans or *future fans*?

YES! I get so excited when I think my books being read all the way in Romania.  I love how literature links us all together and I hope you feel free to contact me. My readers are also some of my best friends.  You can connect with me through twitter @angelacarling or facebook , or email Hope to talk to you soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post *many thanks for stopping by* and don’t forget to say what you think about Angela or about her amazing book, SHACKLED<3



26 de gânduri despre „Respect Month Blog Tour – Featuring ”Shackled” by Angela Carling

  1. superb interviul acesta si cartea

  2. deea s spune:

    e o carte minunata:D

  3. Daniela spune:

    I would love to read ”Shackled”. It sounds very interesting and I like your review! 🙂 Plus the interview 😉

  4. Pauna Oana spune:

    era sa o castig mai demult,asa ca incerc acum.cred ca e interesanta cartea.

  5. bufnitaurata spune:

    Cred ca e o carte interesanta, mi-ar placea sa o citesc.

  6. Ivaşcu Denisa spune:

    Frumos interviu. Pare o carte interesantă.

  7. furelise spune:

    omg. cartea suna foarte interesant. Are un subiect oarecum socant, dar cred ca e o lectie pentru noi toti. Super interviul 🙂

  8. Anushka spune:

    mi se pare interesant de tot titlul,iar cartea e si ea fainutza:*

  9. andreea chirita spune:

    foarte interesanta cartea. mi-ar placea sa o citesc.

  10. Allie spune:

    Cartea pare foarte interesanta si frumoasa, sper sa am ocazia sa o citesc.

  11. desi am mai comentat odata aici o voi face din nou, deoarece sunt multe cuvinte de adresat acestui articol si in general cuvinte de lauda

  12. Isabele spune:

    Imi place foarte mult coperta, chiar pare o carte interesanta. Mi-ar placea sa o citesc.

  13. Krsz spune:

    Suna foarte tare cartea. O vreau! Un interviu minunat!

  14. Pare o carte buna si as vrea sa o castig

  15. Gabriela spune:

    E drăguță , mi se pare că are potențial .
    Și … felicitări , îmi place cum ai organizat acest Blog Book Tour . 😀

  16. claudiabunduc spune:

    Pare foarte interesant si coperta este draguta!

  17. Alexandra M. spune:

    Interviul este foarte interesant.
    Cartea pare a fi interesanta. Mi-as dori sa o citesc.

  18. sabryy9ems spune:

    Interesanta carte, mi-ar placea sa o citesc. Imi plac si fan-arturile.

  19. alexandrasutila98 spune:

    Foarte complex subiectul si sunt sigura ca dupa ce voi citii aceasta carte voi putea desprinde o adevarata lectie de viata. Am citit acum cateva zile pe un blog ca sora autoarei a ispirat-o sa scrie aceasta carte deoarece sora ei nu a avut o viata foarte usoara , fiind batuta de sotul sau prietenul ei , nu mai stiu sigur , cand era insarcinata in 6 luni. Trist , dar in ultima vreme cam asta se intampla …

  20. coolal3z spune:

    If it is a must read book, i must read it! 😀

  21. Cristinna spune:

    Abia astept sa apara cartea si la noi ❤ .

  22. katherine585 spune:

    Ador coperta, este minunata.

  23. Denis spune:

    Pare destul de interesanta, as vrea sa o am.

  24. Romina Gianina spune:

    destul de simpatica cartea . imi face cu ochiul:))

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