Review: Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway



This book was a helluva surprise and I adored it. The story is funny, well-written and it has a lot of action. I don’t read books with magic  very often , especially books just as interesting as ‘’Ordinary Magic’’.


Abby Hale discovered that she is an ORD. Being an ord isn’t something very simple for a kid. If you don’t have magic, you’ll be considered a nothing, a ZERO. But Abby was very lucky because she had a nice family who loved and protected her. Even so, she had to move to another school, at a special school for ordinary kids. Alexa, her big and smart sister, took her in Rothermere, at that school. Besides being the smartest person from the family, Alexa had a special connection with King Steve.
Things were supposed to be alright, but they weren’t . Abby and her friends –Peter, Fred and Fran – were hunted by red caps. A red cap was an ugly and dangerous goblin. Of course that just some red caps weren’t enough. Abby had two more enemies: Barbarian Mike and Trixie, the adventureres. They wanted an ORD, they wanted Abby and they hunted her before and after she moved in Rothermere. After Mike was caught by the Kingsmen, Trixie became a real witch. She tricked the goblins in order to attack the school and some kids were sold to them (Fran was there too).

The situation got out of control and Abby must stop them. Did she succed?


My favorite character was Abby.

abbybannerfinalFIXED copy

She was a very strong girl and come on, she was just twelve years old! I really admire her, just like I do with her sister, Alexa. Like I already said, Alexa was the smartest person from the family, but she also had an important role in the story.
The others from the family –Olivia, Gil, Jeremy and Abby’s parents – were Ok.
And I must say that Abby had the coolest teachers from the whole world. They were supportive and funny! Can you believe that Mr. Dimitrios was a minotaur? I would pay money to see my math teacher as a minotaur *giggles*

The villains – Barbarian Mike and Trixie, were amazing! I know they were the bad characters and I also hated them, but they were very dynamic (if I can say so). I loved the fights between them and Abby (or her family).

Overall, I highly recommend you this book (especially for fans of ‘’Hex Hall’’, ‘’Touch of Power’’ and all the books that involve magic ). The characters were amazing and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. I am so honored that I had the opportunity to read ‘’Ordinary Magic’’. It was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!





2 gânduri despre „Review: Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway

  1. Daniela spune:

    Imi place recenzia ta, iar cartea mi se pare draguta 😀 As vrea sa o citesc.

  2. aspectul nou al recenziei ma prinde parca mai mult ..

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