Blog Tour: „A Little Bit Cupid” by Jennifer Shirk

I’m so thrilled being part of this blog tour and this book was so interesting and so new for me 🙂 I love it!  I hope you’ll like my review and the interview 🙂 I’ll let you the book description 🙂
Finding love should be easy, but wedding photographer Phoebe Ward knows better. When Cupid shows up on a crazy mission to help her —and save the world in the process—Phoebe realizes love might be even more complicated than she thought. Even with Cupid showing her Mr. Right , she can’t stop thinking about his best friend, Mr. Wrong.Cal Crawford has never had time for love, but now he’s falling for Phoebe. Which means it’s got to be just plain wrong to set her up with his best friend, right? But even though seeing Phoebe with someone else will break his heart, he can’t walk away from her.Phoebe can’t afford to choose the wrong guy with the fate of the world at stake. But maybe Cupid has it wrong. Maybe she has to rely just a little bit on Cupid, and a whole lot more on her heart.


It was a lovely book ❤ I liked it from the first pages but it was too short. It’s the first book I have ever read with Cupid and it was really nice.

Phoebe was a photographer and she never was really in love. She didn’t believe in love at first sight and she made a big mistake. She met Cupid on her fiancé’s wedding and she didn’t believe he was real. But after Cosmo (Cupid) tells her that the love from the world is in her hands, she starts to believe that he is really Cupid. For save the world, she must fall in love with someone and the choose one is Adam, a doctor who had two nephew. They had a photo session and Phoebe met Adam a little weird. She wets his pants with coffee. Now, she must fall in love with him to save the world but this is more difficult than it seems because the is also Cal. He has a hotel but he wants to be a normal person. He also was never in love, but everything changed when he met Phoebe. They learned that love at first sight exist.


I wish this book were longer but it was a nice short-story 🙂 When you don’t have anything to do, you should read “A Little Bit Cupid”. It’s a beautiful-fast story and I’m sure you will love it. Thank you Elana for giving me the opportunity to participate at this tour and thank you for sending me a e-copy of “A Little Bit Cupid”. And Jennifer, you’re doing a great job 🙂 Your book was so lovely ❤ Rating 4,5/5 stars.



Tell us something about you. What means writing for you?
Something about me…something about me. Well, I did win the Fifth Grade spelling bee in my elementary school. LOL
But writing for me is a creativity outlet. Writing isn’t easy and can be frustrating at times but what you have at the end is so rewarding that it keeps you wanting to do it again and get better.
Were you scared about people’s reaction when they read your book for the first time?
Oh my gosh, YES!! When I found out friends had bought my book and were actually reading it, I was a mess. I just wished they hadn’t told me because I worried so much about what they would think.
Who is your favorite author and which is your favorite book? Can you recommend us a book?
My favorite author is Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I actually met her once at an RWA convention and was completely star-struck. All her books are great, but I would start with Nobody’s Baby But Mine. It’s hilarious!
Which book do you wish you could have written?
I wish I could have written The Hunger Games. Wow, that book had everything. Soooo good!
If you were a supernatural creature, which creature would you be?
I’d be an angel. Something good and non soul-sucking. Plus the super human strength and teleportation would be cool.
Does music inspire you? What kind of music do you like to listen?
I can’t listen to music while I write, but I do like to listen to music while I plot or outline or before I write. It gets me in the mood. I like a very eclectic mix of music–anything from country to rap to opera to disco. But I do find contemporary country music usually fits my writing mood for my full length books.
What do you think about Romania and Romanian literature? Have you been in Romania?
Unfortunately, I haven’t read any Romanian literature. Anything you can recommend?
I have never been to Europe at all. But I would love love love to go to Romania someday and visit some of the Medieval towns!
Do you like extreme sports?
No extreme sports. I can barely even ski. I’m a bit of a weenie that way.
Do you have another project in your mind?
YES. I’m working on a novella series to follow my A Little Bit Cupid book called A Little Bit Charming–and yes, it involves THE Prince Charming. 🙂
Would you like to say something to your Romanian readers?
Yes! Hello! I think we’re practically cousins, my being half Polish and half Lithuanian. LOL My mom would make stuffed cabbage all the time growing up.
Thanks so much for having me!!!

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  1. genial..iubesc ghifturile astea

  2. imi doresc sa devin si eu cupidon si eu sunt sigura ca am fler

  3. imi place foarte mult coperta ;))

  4. ai o recenzie foarte buna …felicitari

  5. superb..romania cu orase medievale trebuie sa le vizitez si eu ;))

  6. Andreea spune:

    Imi place descrierea cartii.

  7. Andreea spune:

    Recenzia este frumoasa.

  8. Andreea spune:

    Cupidon…imi place povestea aceasta.

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    E bine ca e un blog tour.

  10. Andreea spune:

    Coperta este interesanta si originala.Si titlul la fel.

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