Review: The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney


This book was so much fun! I loved it and I would like to read a sequel, but unfortunately, it isn’t going to happen.  It has romance too and it’s pretty awesome. I think ‘’The Boy Recession’’ is a book that every teenager should read.


The story is about Hunter and Kelly, two teenagers: Hunter is lazy (but cute) and he only cares about music  and Kelly is a good and smart girl who loves music just like Hunter. Till now, they had music in common, but when Hunter starts to open up to Kelly, she realizes how much she likes him.

Now, let me explain you why the book is called ‘’The Boy Recession’’. When the new school year started, many popular boys moved to other schools, which means that girls rule the highschool this year! Hunter’s friend, Eugene, is the one who called it ‘’The Boy Recession’’.  He was a nice character and he was very lucky when Bobbi Novak put her eyes on him.

After he sang in a show, Hunter became very popular. He even got Billy Flynn’s role in the musical ‘’Chicago’’. And the most important thing: he cut his hair *giggles* I really liked Hunter, he was a great character.  Kelly was the right girl for him and he was the right boy for her  😉

But things weren’t that simple because Diva Price wanted Hunter for her.  She was such a skank, I hated her so much. Plus, she was the most annoying girl in the WHOLE world!

Hunter didn’t like Diva but he couldn’t escape from her. When he and Kelly had mono (and they haven’t kissed yet), Diva left him *happy dance*

After the big show, Hunter and Kelly became a couple, and what a nice couple Like I already said, they were perfect for each other. I hope that their relationship will last forever. When I think about them I wanna sing ‘’Summer Nights’’ by Grease

Overall, if you are looking for a sweet and funny book, you will have to read ‘’The Boy Recession’’ 😀





15 gânduri despre „Review: The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney

  1. deci eu il iubesc pe Ted..da maxim;* iubesc ca l-ai pus aici;)

  2. imi place foarte mult recenzia a.e o carte ciudatica zicu, ceea ce o face de 30 de ori mai interesanta

  3. cat imi plac ghifturile alese de tine, dar si ultima melodie summer love

  4. nu am mai vazut miutele mincinoase de ceva timp ..

  5. micutele..scuze am o tastatura de toate frumusetea, nu e ca si cum nu s-ar stii acest fapt ..

  6. Andreea spune:

    Este superba recenzia.Ursuletul e Ted?Felicitari!! :*

  7. Andreea spune:

    Mi-ar placea sa o citesc si eu.

  8. Andreea spune:

    Coperta e draguta si subiectul cartii e super amuzanta.

  9. Andreea spune:

    Bith crazy??Imi place de Spencer.:)))

  10. Andreea spune:

    Bitch* scuze.

  11. Andreea spune:

    Aici mai degraba se potrivea Blair Waldorf:))

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