Blog Tour: „The Next Forever” by Lisa Burstein

I’m so excited to be part from this blog tour! The book „The Next Forever” was a very beautiful story and I’m so happy because I had the opportunity to read it. I’ll definitely read „Preety Amy” and if you have read this book and you liked it, you should read „The Next Forever”.

I had the great opportunity to do an interview with Lisa and I hope you like it 🙂



1. Tell us something about you. What means writing for you?
Writing is my greatest love, after my husband and pets.

2. Were you scared about people’s reaction when they read your book for the first time?
Totally! It’s so scary to have your book out there, it is sort of like having someone look in your heart and brain and tell you what they think.

3. Who is your favorite author and which is your favorite book? Can you recommend us a book?
I have too many favorite authors to list. My favorite book of all time is A Handmaid’s Tale by, Margaret Atwood


4. Which book do you wish you could have written?
I only wish to keep writing my own books.

5. If you were a supernatural creature, which creature would you be?
A mermaid

6. Does music inspire you? What kind of music do you like to listen?
I can’t write while listening to music. I need it to be completely silent ;).

7. What do you think about Romania and Romanian literature? Have you been in Romania?
I don’t know very much about Romania and I have never been, but would love to visit someday.

8. Do you like extreme sports?
NO! I am afraid of most things like that.

9. Do you have another project in your mind?
Yes, but it’s too new to really talk about yet. Luckily, I have new projects that come up just when I need them- at least they have so far.

10. Would you like to say something to your Romanian readers?
Hi! Nice to meet you- thanks for reading my books.

What do you think about the interview?


I liked this book so, so much! It’s the first book I have ever read with a kind of a bad girl. I didn’t read „Pretty Amy” but after this book, I’ll certainly read it. It’s the first book in wich two lovers broke up because this is their choice. It was really interesting but the book was too short! I want more 🙂

When Trevor appeared for the first time I said: „This is the bad guy and he’s totally hot!” but in the end I started to hate him. He wanted only to had sex with Amy and I hate this kind of boys.

Beside that, it’s interessant how in a night could change so many things. Let’s talk a little bit about Joe. I liked Joe even he is the good boy and I’m customed with bad boys 🙂 He’s nice and it’s smart and he really loves Amy. He was nice with Emily at club and he’s a gret boyfriend for Amy. She never had to doubt about him.

I liked the end and I’m happy because they made their way and all was good between Amy and Joe. When I read that Amy was arrested because she had marijuana and she smoked, I couldn’t belive that Amy who is with Joe is the same Amy. Here is a thing: The humans can change. If she would stay with Trevor, I would be disappointed. He was an asshole even he understood Amy.

Thank you so much Lisa and Entangled Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read this book. It was a lovely book and I will definitely read „Pretty Amy” 🙂 Rating 4/5 stars.


Would you like to read „The Next Forever”?



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12 gânduri despre „Blog Tour: „The Next Forever” by Lisa Burstein

  1. da cel mai probabil da mi-as dori sa citesc aceasta carte 🙂

  2. mi se pare corect, si eu atunci cand facteme sau invat am nevoie de liniste deplina, deci o inteleg perfect

  3. de asemenea iubesc ghifturile sunt adorabile la modul cel mai serios sunt wow

  4. da ar trebui sa viziteze tara , candva …

  5. imi place cartea asta foarte mult :*

  6. Andreea spune:

    Interviul este interesant.

  7. Andreea spune:

    Ma bucur ca inca se mai posteaza interviuri din acelea.

  8. Andreea spune:

    Cartea e draguta,coperta le fel,mi-ar placea sa o citesc.

  9. Andreea spune:

    Imaginile pe care le-ai pus sunt super dragute.

  10. Andreea spune:

    Titlul este superb „The Next Forever”. :X

  11. Zipyღ spune:

    Imi place gif-ul cu Taylor Momsen!!

  12. poza aia cu tipa care are gura cusuta sau ceva de genul ma duce cu gandul la un film de groaza ..serios s-ar fi potrivit mult mai bine decat cea cu ventrilogul acela

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