Review: Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo


I am so happy right now that I finished ”Lucky Break”! This book was so romantic and funny! I love it ♥! Reading Kade and Sidney’s story was refreshing and I’ll miss them so much.

Sidney left her friends in Shamrock Falls five years ago and she didn’t say goodbye. She went to LA to become an actress, but she wasn’t very lucky there. When she broke up with her boyfriend Steve, she decided it was time to return home. But she didn’t know that Kade was back too.
Kade and Rowan were her best friends, but Kade was always more than a friend to Sidney. He suffered when she left him. And now she’s back in town.

They loved each other but they were afraid to admit it. Kade knew that they couldn’t last very much because Sidney had to return in L.A., someday. But they decided to be together, at least for three weeks. And they were together – and I loved their relationship so much . Kade was sweet and careful with Sidney. He was my favorite character from the book.

Time passed and Sidney had to return to her life, sooner than she wanted. And Kade let her go without telling her his feelings (and Sidney did the same thing). What a mistake…
Back in L.A., Sidney realised what she just did – she left the love of her life behind. Although it isn’t too late to repair things 😉

Overall, if you want a good story, you should read ”Lucy Break”. It was a delightful book who shows us what true friendship is and how love always wins in the end.

Can’t wait to read Rowan’s story in the next book. She was a nice character in ”Lucky Break” 😀




12 gânduri despre „Review: Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo

  1. vai cat e de draguta ..imi place recenzia ta

  2. imi place si titlul..adica serios acum de cand despartirile sunt norocoase? cred ca nu a suferit deloc =))

  3. coperta asta e draguta rau ..o ador..deci cartea asta urla..adoptati-ma si pe mine o editura , oricare auzit ca e una noua In Romania care sa ma adopte rog..sunt norocoasa , sunt de dragoste ..sunt perfecta pentru domnisoare rog…luati-ma …cu drag cartea norocoasa =))

  4. serios, cartea asta ma atrage , e numai buna pentru firea romantica si aeriana, ciudata si complicata care ma intruchipeaza pe mine ;)) nu mai spun visatoare si boema,.deci.perfect

  5. da cum spuneam am sa iti laud stilul si rabdarea de a citii;)) dr mai e ceva multa bafta la simulari, am inteles ca le veti da curand:))

  6. ps eu sunt o persoana lenesa sunt tot la primul volum din razboi si pace mi-a permis timpul sa o citesc iar inceputul il declar actiunea e geniala, am aruncat cate un ochi prin ea ..

  7. Andreea spune:

    Ce tare e coperta.Imi place.!!

  8. Andreea spune:

    Se potriveste cu Valentine’s Day.

  9. Andreea spune:

    Imi plac cartile care au ca tema dragostea.

  10. Andreea spune:

    Zici ca sunt William si Kate Middleton personajele de pe coperta. ❤

  11. Andreea spune:

    Mi-ar placea sa o citesc.Apropo..superba recenzia.M-am luat cu coperta si am uitat de recenzie.

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