Within Anniversary Tour: Review


I am more than honored to be part of this anniversary tour. ”Within” was an amazing book 😀 Thank you so much Mrs. Clare, for giving me this huge opportunity!



‘’Within’’ was definitely a very good book. I really enjoyed it and from my point of view, it was too short. But this book was also heart-breaking. I actually cried in the end.

Well, I can tell you the story was original. Clare’s writing style was beautiful and I would love to read anything she writes in the future. She did a great job with ‘’Within’’.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the story:

Ellie, Zack and Trinity were very good friends and they didn’t expected THAT. The accident was tragic for Trinity – she was left with brain damage. She can’t remember almost nothing and she is acting like a five years old child (and she is seventeen). But most important, she can’t remember Zack – her boyfriend. Oh my, this boy was so broken-hearted, I just wanted to go and hug him. Zack really loved Trinity with all his heart.

Meanwhile, Ellie falls in love with him. She isn’t a bad character, so don’t hate her because she wanted a relationship with her best friend’s boyfriend. She is just jealous, but she loves Trinity too.

Now the weirdest thing in the world happens – Trinity writes a book. How can a person with brain damage do that? I don’t know, but is was so creepy fantastic. The story is about a man – Edmund, who happens to be a mayor at day and a killer at night. To be more precise, Edmund is a psychotic murderer who believes in a fake God –Omnus- and he kills people for him. He says that he redeems the impure… But the strange thing is that he is so much alike Wiley Dalton, the mayoral candidate in the upcoming election.

But there is no coincidence – Edmund is Wiley and he is the KILLER. The whole town is in real danger! When he finds out that a retardat child like Trinity knows the truth, he will try to vanish her. Will he succeed it? Maybe or maybe not. You have to read the book to find out.

The ending was sad and beautiful and amazing at the same time. I can’t believe the story is over. I am so sorry for Trinity, she was my favorite character and I loved her so much. Thank you, Mrs. Clare, for writing such a fantastic book.

Overall, if you want a very good book with an original plot, you will want to read ‘’Within’’. This book is full of action and suspense. You will beg for more, believe me.



What do you think? Would you like to read ”Within”? 😀 I promise you won’t be disappointed 😉


28 de gânduri despre „Within Anniversary Tour: Review

  1. este o carte frumoasa , cred ca mi-ar face placere sa o citesc

  2. Simona spune:

    Povestea suna chiar foarte interesant dar ai apus ca iti pare rau pentru Trinity, ea moare la sfarsit sau ceva?

  3. deasemenea imi place si ghiftul ala ..cred ca trebuie sa intru si eu pe tumbr..cred ca am scris bine ..ca vad destule chestii dragute

  4. regret ca moare …povestea e foarte trista ..iinsa e intensa

  5. de la un timp nu prea am avut timp sa citesc ..dar sper sa ma apuc cat mai curand de patch asta ;))

  6. Clare spune:

    Thanks for the great review, Antonia! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it.

  7. Zipyღ spune:

    Oh my God!! I like the idea of this book. Since I had read it I was in love. Also the cover is beautifull^^

  8. Zipyღ spune:

    I don’t know way, but I think Trinity will die at the end of the book. Am I right?

  9. Zipyღ spune:

    I really like the gif of the beginning with Hillary Duff, it reminds me about Andrew from The edge of never, because I cried a lot when I read about his problem…

  10. Clare spune:

    Also, totally forgot to say, I’m doing a giveaway for Within–print copy–on my blog, if you’re all interested in entering!


  11. Romina Gianina spune:

    Wah mie nu-mi plac cartile astea care ma deprima

  12. Romina Gianina spune:

    Am citit A Walk to Remember de Nicholas Sparks ,m-a intristat rau cartea aia

  13. Romina Gianina spune:

    La fel ca in aceasta carte fata moare din cauza cancerului

  14. Romina Gianina spune:

    Within pare frumoasa ,si coperta e draguta rau

  15. Romina Gianina spune:

    Mai ales ca are 5 stelute

  16. Andreea spune:

    Within are o coperta foarte frumoasa.

  17. Andreea spune:

    Titlul ei este potrivit pentru subiect.Superb*

  18. Andreea spune:

    Ar fi tare daca ar aduce cartea in tara.

  19. Andreea spune:

    Cartea are chiar 5 stelute nice.

  20. Andreea spune:

    E un subiect foarte interesant.Sper s-o citesc.

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