The Premonition Series Blog Tour: Inescapable Review

tourbannerI am so thrilled and honored to be part of this blog tour ans I just wanted to thank Amy Bartol for giving me this opportunity<3 Today we are celebrating, the 4th book in ”The Premonition Series”, which is ”Incendiary” 😀

simple-grey-pattern-hazyI am going to review the first book in the series, ”Inescapable”. Hope you guys enjoy my review 😀

BeFunky_WhiteBackground_Adjustable‘’Inescapable’’ is officially the first book I read in 2013. And I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I loved it. This book is like a drug and every time you read one chapter, you’ll become more addicted.

Evie thinks she is ordinary, but she’s not. Since she came at Crestwood with a scolarship, strange things happen all day. She still has those creepy nightmares she always had, but this time is different. When Reed and Russell enter in her life, everything is about to shatter.
It seems that Reed knows the truth – what she really is and why does she have nightmares. He tries to protect her, but he can’t help it: he falls in love with Evie. Reed is not a normal guy either, he is a Power Angel – stuck on Earth with the only mission to kill the evil and send it back to Hell. Evie is special, and Reed knows it. In fact, the girl is pure danger.

Russell is just a sweet guy who loves Evie – or maybe not? No, of course not. He is her soul mate. During centuries, these two belonged to each other, but not this time. And here comes the big secret: Evie is half human-half angel and she doesn’t fell for Russell anymore. She loves him, but since Reed came in her life, Russell sits on second place. I love Russell, don’t get me wrong but I simply prefer Reed (my sweet crush).
So we have a love triangle, which is pretty interesting. You really have to read this book to find out.

Anyways, the most important person in this hole scenario is Evie. Since she is the only one who posseses a soul (and she is a half angel, remember?), she has many enemies. Reed can’t protect her anytime she is in trouble, so she must fight. Evie will be betrayed by one of her closets friends. And then – her life will become the HELL on Earth.
And the ending was just …asdflkjh.

You are going to love Amy Bartol for this. She is a genius (and I’m not kidding).

I seriously loved all the characters Amy created. My favorite one was Reed (did I mention he is very hot and he has green stunning eyes?). This boy is unique, I think I fell in love with him too. Always strong, passionate and willing to save and love Evie.

Evie was an amazing girl, you will love her. Her sarcasm was adorable, but she also has something special because all the guys fell for her. And here you have a little part from the book (one of my favorites) that will make understand how charming she is:

“Red, it was over with Candace the minute I walked in and saw ya in the lobby in that dress. She knew it; I didn’t have to tell her,” Russell says, not looking at me. 
“It’s just a dress. Have you all gone crazy?” I ask in frustration. Looking down, I see that my dress is hitched up dangerously high on my legs, and I try to pull it down modestly. Russell sighs deeply, like someone trying to figure out how to explain a complicated concept. 
“It’s not the dress,” he says, looking at me. “Red, I know ya don’t know much about men, but seein’ ya there like that, it just hits ya and ya start thankin’ God that there is such beauty in the world and that yer lucky enough to have seen it.”
“Please,” I reply, trying to deny his words as I blush. 
“I’m serious. Ya find yerself thinkin’ that there’s nothin’ ya wouldn’t do for such beauty. I just didn’t think I’d get to test that desire so soon after thinkin’ it,” he says.

Like I said, I loved Russell too, even if he isn’t the one for Evie. He is cute and handsome and I liked the way he behaves, the way he speaks. Sometimes, he made me giggle (and I thank him for that).

Brownie & Buns are Evie’s friends from Crestwood and they rocked my world. These two girls are the funniest characters from the book. Plus, when I say their name, I think about muffins and cupcakes (because they were very sweet). Even though, they are not normal (surprise, huh?), so you may have a big surprise when you read the book.

Alfred *Freddie* is also Evie’s friend. He’s a geek and he always treated her well. The girl even thought that he is her twin brother. To be honest, at the beginning he was very nice and I liked him, but you really don’t want to know what happened at the end of the book. It is too dangerous to tell you, I swear.

I want to talk about so many other characters, but I don’t want to give you so many spoilers.

‘’Inescapable’’ is definitely one of the best books I have ever read in my life. The story, the characters, the plot, the romance – everything is original and unforgettable (at least for me). I still have to recover after this one, so now I am going to cry after Reed and Evie. I’ll miss them so much.





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  1. imi plac foarte mult reactile tale :)) sunt amuzante mai ales giftul cu taylor ;* o ador =))

  2. cartea are un subiect interesant felicitari pentru recenzie e superba ;)) ps imi plac si stelutele ;))

  3. deci copertele astea sunt absolut geniale;)) ba mai mult atatde simple si speciale fara prea multa incarcatura si efecte speciale :))

  4. cartea the farm ai citit-o?? Am vazut-o undeva si as vrea sa stiu parerea despre ea ;))

  5. furelise spune:

    Copertile imi aduc aminte de seria Hush Hush, putin 😀

  6. furelise spune:

    Your review is super awesome! ❤

  7. furelise spune:

    And I may like Reed more that the other R 😀

  8. furelise spune:

    If you rated it 5 stars then it must be a really great book 🙂 Thank for the review 🙂

  9. alyson38 spune:

    OMG!Cate am auzit despre aceasta serie!Superba!

  10. alyson38 spune:

    macar de data asta stiu despre ce e vorba (chiar daca e in engleza)….

  11. diannax3 spune:

    Awwie ❤ Copertele sunt uluitoare

  12. alyson38 spune:

    copertile sunt superbe!mai ales a 3 si a 4!!!

  13. diannax3 spune:

    Îmi place gif-ul cu Taylor :)) Cam aşa făceam eu dupa ce am terminat primul volum din „Chimie perfectă”.

  14. Zipyღ spune:

    Felicitari pentru faptul ca ai tinut o parte din tur si la tine pe blog si ca ni l-ai aratat si noua:)

  15. Zipyღ spune:

    Imi place recenzia ta, foarte frumoasa. Ma bucur ca mai citesc inca o parere pozitiva despre aceasta serie.

  16. agnesmaryo spune:

    ce vrea sa insemne ultima imagine care se misca?

  17. Andreea spune:

    Cate blog-tour-uri aveti…

  18. Andreea spune:

    Acesta e minunat…

  19. Andreea spune:

    Imi plac foarte mult copertile…superb contrastul.

  20. Andreea spune:

    Si descrierile sunt interesante:)

  21. Andreea spune:

    Ma bucur ca participati la cat mai multe blog tour-uri pentru a lansa carti…

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