Review: The Last Girl by Kitty Thomas

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‘’The Last Girl’’ trapped me in a dark and dangerous world with vampires. I liked the story and I wish it didn’t end so fast. The book has only 168 pages, so I finished it in three hours. Thanks a lot, Kitty, for giving me the opportunity to read your book.

When I say this is a dangerous book, it’s because it is dangerous. Even the characters are, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t liked them. My favorite character was Juliette, she was such a vulnerable and emotive girl. The way Christian treated her was very painful and I hated him for that. Christian was a scary vampire who wanted Juliette more than everything. He met her when she was thirteen, when he entered in her house with another two vampires to steal some documents. The vampire let her alive with one reason: when she will grow up, she will be his pet. Yeah, it sounds strange, but it’s true. Juliette must do everything he wants, it doesn’t matter how. To be honest, the book had some scary and disgusting moments (in fact, there were only two), but I don’t want to talk about them.

Let’s come back to Juliette and Christian. At the beginning, the girl was just a pet for him, another useless human, but after the time spent together, Christian finally realized that Juliette was more than that. He fell in love with her and he decided to let her free.

It was a hard decision, but it was the only one possible. The vampire erased Juliette’s memories, but it wasn’t worth it. After some time, the girl remembered everything, but most important she remembered her feelings for him. Being apart from Christian was hard, so she decided to take her life. Even though she didn’t manage to die.

The part I loved the most was the ending. Christian took a big and important decision to be with Juliette forever. I won’t give any details, you have to read the book to find out.

Overall, ‘’The Last Girl’’ is a good book and if you like the genre, I will recommend it to you. I read some negative and positive opinions about it, but they didn’t influence me to read the book. I only said my honest opinion 😀







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  1. ai si facut recenzia? sUPERB :*:* MI PLACE FOARTE MULT

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