Review: Veer by Alyssa Rose Ivy


After reading ‘’Flight’’, ‘’Derailed’’ and ‘’Veer’’, I can honestly say I am Alyssa’s biggest fan. I totally love her books and I don’t know why, but I always end up begging for more. It’s hilarious, believe me<3

‘’Veer’’ was a beautiful surprise for me. Reading Becca and Gavin’s story was entertaining and I wish it didn’t end. Gavin wasn’t my sweet crush in the first book, but in ‘’Veer’’, he made me think twice. When I read ‘’Derailed’’, I couldn’t realize how hot, strong and sweet he was. Gavin was just perfect for Becca.
Becca was my favorite character, so emotional and beautiful. I love her even if sometimes I wanted to slap her because she was acting so insecure. Of course, I can’t blame her. She suffered a lot in the past and coming in Clayton Falls for the summer was the best for her. I also enjoyed reading about Molly and Ben again (I still love them with all my heart ). In ‘’Veer’’ they gave me a beautiful surprise and don’t know if I should reveal it.

Besides Molly and Ben, I am surprised to say I LOVE JAKE. In the first book, he was very annoying and I didn’t like his childish behavior. In the second book, he was a totally different person. He made me giggle so many times ~Just saying, I think I have a new crush~

Also, in ‘’Veer’’, the story is told from both Becca and Gavin’s point of view, which was more interesting to read.
I liked the way Alyssa decided to end the book. As usual, it was a happy ending, and I so love happy endings<3 Thank you Alyssa, for writing so many lovable books
Overall, I adored this book and I highly recommend it. If you have the chance to read ‘’Veer’’ or any of Alyssa’s books, don’t miss it.



I am so happy right now, because I found out that it will be a third book in the series, more exactly, Jake’s story. Oh, Alyssa, you got me like this:





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  1. furelise spune:

    Ce recenzie frumoasa si amuzanta. Am auzit decat de cartea Derailed, nu stiam ca are o continuare, si sper sa am ocazia sa le citesc si eu 🙂

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