Interviu cu Shana Norris


First of all, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview you for my blog

Thank YOU for interviewing me! 🙂

1.Tell us something about you. Did you always wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always told stories since I was really young, but I didn’t realize that I could actually be a writer one day until I was around eleven years old. Before that I had always thought that writers were these magical, special people and not just ordinary people like me. (I still the writers whose books I adore are special and magical!)  Before I realized I could be a writer, I had other plans for my future. I wanted to be an archeologist, a ballerina, a rock star, or a teacher!

2.Do you have a writing routine?

I work a full-time job outside of writing, so I squeeze writing in whenever I can. So I don’t really have an actual routine, I just write whenever and wherever I can. But I need quiet for the actual writing, so I can’t have someone in the room with me or I get distracted easily.  I do have a little routine I have to do before I start writing though. When I’m first planning out a new book I have to create a playlist of songs for that book. I can’t listen to the music while I write, but I listen to it while I brainstorm ideas about the characters and scenes. So I have to put together just the right playlist for the book before I can start writing it.

3.For those who are unfamiliar with your book : THE BOYFRIEND THIEF, how would you introduce it?

It’s a book about a girl who thinks she has her life perfectly planned out, until she agrees to try to win over another girl’s boyfriend.

4.What inspired you to write it?

Back when I was sixteen (in 1996), I started working on this story about a girl who was dealing with her mom walking out on her family. I worked on the story off and on over the years, but never got very far with it. Then in 2007, I had the idea of a girl who is paid to steal another girl’s boyfriend. I combined that with the story of the girl whose mom had left, and I realized that the story wasn’t about the girl dealing her mom leaving, but with the aftermath of moving on from that point in her life. Before the story starts, Avery has spent years keeping herself distanced from everyone. And so when she meets Zac, a person she can’t easily push away, she has to face things about herself and her family that she’s been trying to keep hidden. I wanted to explore all those little layers in this story, and how a person can be responsible for her own happiness and move on from such a painful experience.

5.Do you have another projects in your mind?

Right now I’m finishing up my Swans Landing series, which is about mermaid-like people living on a tiny island. After I’m done with those two books, I’ll be working on a companion book to The Boyfriend Thief, which is narrated by Hannah. I’m so excited about that book. I loved writing the first draft and can’t wait to work on finishing it.

6.Which book do you wish you could have written?

There are so many! But right now I’m reading the last book in the Beautiful Creatures series and I really wish I had written it. I love these books and the characters and setting.

7.Favourite author of all time? Or favourite book?

This is a really hard question! I would have to say J.R.R. Tolkien, because he inspired me to think outside our own world and I just love how complex the world he created is.

8.What kind of music do you like to listen?

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Right now, I really love The Band Perry and listen to their songs on my iPod a lot. Some of my favorite bands of all time are Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Bush, and The Goo Goo Dolls.

9.Which is your favourite season, and why?

I’m a summer baby. I was born during the summer and I just love the long, warm days. I thrive in sunshine and the short, gray, cold winter days always leave me tired and depressed.

10.Do you have an advice for your Romanian readers?

Whatever your dream is, keep trying for it. Ten years ago when I was struggling to get published, I never would have imagined that one day I’d actually get there! I wanted to give up many, many times when things got hard. But if I had, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 🙂 So keep reaching for your dreams, even if everyone else tells you it’ll never happen. As long as you believe in yourself, that’s all that matters!

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