Review: Easy by Tammara Webber



EASY is an amazing book and I totally love it. I can honestly say that this book seduced me and got me begging for more. Reading Lucas and Jacqueline’s story was unbelivable SEXY and just can’t get them out of my head. Tammara ,sweetheart, you rocked my world with your book<3

So let’s start with Lucas (misterious attitude-super hot-super smart-a badass ) who made my body shiver. Just like he did with Jacqueline – broken hearted after her boyfriend left her, she can’t even think at new boy in her life. Jackie, you got it wrong honey, because Lucas is right there next to you.
Lucas saved her in the night that Buck – a student from college- wanted to rape her. Oh my, that boy was a pain in the ass. I was so happy when Lucas left him covered in blood. Even though, Jackie will have to deal with this bad guy later. Now is time for Lucas.
Lucas is hot and he is everything Jackie wanted, but he is also very misterious and he has some big secrets. If he cares about Jackie, he will tell her everything. And he really cares about her. Anyway, till then they will spend some pretty intense moments together. I so loved those moments, they were just perfect<3

Now, let’s come back to Jacqueline. At first, she was thinking to use Lucas as her rebound, but things got complicated when she fell in love. Once she discovered Lucas’s heart, soul and body, she couldn’t get away from him. Like I already said, Lucas and Jacqueline were a perfect couple ♥ and I’ll miss them. I didn’t say that they didn’t have problems (just like every normal couple) but they knew how to face them all. Anything else I can say? The characters were amazing and they made my laugh or cry. I absolutely liked Erin –Jackie’s best friend- she was so funny and cheerful. I’ll miss her too 


Overall, EASY is a MUST READ. If you’re looking for something fresh and new or for something hot and dangerous, you really have to read EASY. Tammara is a great writer and I really like her writing style. The story she created is unique and you’ll enjoy it, just like I did 






2 gânduri despre „Review: Easy by Tammara Webber

  1. Niahara spune:

    Am primit si eu in urma cu cateva zile aceasta carte si de abia astept sa ma apuc de ea.

  2. Krisz spune:

    Cartea aceasta e superba din toate punctele de vedere, am iubit fiecare cuvintel din ea, fiecare personaj (mai putin cele negative), si m-a facut sa visez cu ochii deschisi. Recent am aflat ca o sa apara si la noi si nu mai puteam de fericire!

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