The Demon Lover de Juliet Dark

I gasped, or tried to. My mouth opened, but I couldn’t draw breath. His lips, pearly wet, parted and he blew into my mouth. My lungs expanded beneath his weight. When I exhaled he sucked my breath in and his weight turned from cold marble into warm living flesh. 

Since accepting a teaching position at remote Fairwick College in upstate New York, Callie McFay has experienced the same disturbingly erotic dream every night: A mist enters her bedroom, then takes the shape of a virile, seductive stranger who proceeds to ravish her in the most toe-curling, wholly satisfying ways possible. Perhaps these dreams are the result of her having written the bestselling book The Sex Lives of Demon Lovers. Callie’s lifelong passion is the intersection of lurid fairy tales and Gothic literature—which is why she’s found herself at Fairwick’s renowned folklore department, living in a once-stately Victorian house that, at first sight, seemed to call her name.
But Callie soon realizes that her dreams are alarmingly real. She has a demon lover—an incubus—and he will seduce her, pleasure her, and eventually suck the very life from her. Then Callie makes another startling discovery: Her incubus is not the only mythical creature in Fairwick. As the tenured witches of the college and the resident fairies in the surrounding woods prepare to cast out the demon, Callie must accomplish something infinitely more difficult—banishing this supernatural lover from her heart.

Ce parere aveti despre ”The Demon Lover”? Pana si titlul ma atrage 😀 ca sa nu mai zic de coperta.


13 gânduri despre „The Demon Lover de Juliet Dark

  1. bianca spune:

    doamne ce coperta geniala o ador

  2. bianca spune:

    imi place si titlul la aceasta chiar daca e un pic sadic=)))

  3. bianca spune:

    si rochia e geniala iti dai seama sa ai o astfel de roche de mireasa

  4. bianca spune:

    deci pasarile imi amintesc de un desen de la gradinita tot asa le desenasem si eu si am fost foarte laudata

  5. bianca spune:

    super poveste si super coperta o vreau chiar ma atrage

  6. furelise spune:

    Foarte tare coperta! Rochia tipei este uimitoare! 🙂

  7. furelise spune:

    Povestea imi aminteste de Luceafarul, sau Zburatorul de Heliade Radulescu 🙂

  8. Dragutza Vale spune:

    cand am vazut titlul am crezut ca e vorba de Daemon din TVD =)) nu am inteles absolut nik din descriere ,dar dupa cum se aude este superba!

  9. Dragutza Vale spune:

    cum de numai traduceti descrierile?

  10. Andreea Florentina spune:

    Wow, e foarte tare si coperta si titlul. Iar descrierea e si mai wow.

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