Review: Reviving Bloom by Michelle Turner


After her father’s death, Bloom has no reason to feel alive again. Even if she still has some friends near her, the black hole in her heart is too deep. Not mentioning the fact that she hates her mother who abandoned her at birth. But then, something changed in her life.


When she finds a a wounded dog in the woods she has no idea who he is. Pike isn’t a dog, he is a wolf shifter and he also is Bloom’s mate. I can add the fact that Pike is a black wolf with blue eyes and a strong personality. No doubt that Bloom likes him.


The connection between them was undeniable S-W-E-E-T and I totally loved it. No fights, just funny and romantic moments which made me giggle so many times. They even had nicknames: Pike’s  was Tennessee and Bloom’s  was  Darlin’ . Cute, isn’t it?

Alright, now Bloom has to join her mate and go to Tennessee. But they can’t go without Bonnie. Bonnie is Bloom’s friend and she is like the funniest character in the book.  I really want to know more about her in the second book.

Here, in Tennessee, things aren’t so easy as it seems.  Bloom doesn’t know that Rose, her mother, makes part from her mate’s pack. Yep, that’s right fellas, Rose is a shifter which means that Bloom has to be a shifer as well. But she never changed her shape and she must find why.  So many questions, so little time to find the answers.

The characters were amazing and the plot was very interesting. Michelle Turner really knows how to please her readers.

Overall,  ‘’Reviving Bloom’’ is a great book and you can’t get bored when you read it. Michelle’s first YA book completely entertained me and  I’m dying to read the sequel. Also, if you like books with shifters (let’s not say werewolves) you really have to read it.

RATING: ★★★★




19 gânduri despre „Review: Reviving Bloom by Michelle Turner

  1. Dragutza Vale spune:

    doamne!ce dragalas e catelusu!!!!ai facut cast de personaje?daca da,le-ai ales bine,dar lupul putea sa aiba o culoare mai deschisa

  2. bianca spune:

    iar cartea asta. nu prea imi place

  3. bianca spune:

    esti norocoasa ca poti citi ebookuri eu nu rezist

    • furelise spune:

      Eu am citit prima mea carte e-book. Altfel de ingeri. Asa-s de mandra. Ca m-au durut ochii si capul apoi, e alta treaba, dar am reusit sa termin o carte in format electronic. Me proud! 🙂

  4. furelise spune:

    Dragut catelusul. E dulcic ;;)

  5. Dreams*Link spune:

    Ma bucur sa vad ca citesti si alte carti decat cele existente la noi pe piata si sunt mega cunoscute. Povestea pare interesanta, nu am mai auzit pana acum de ea, dar cu siguranta o sa incerc sa fac rost de ea. Eu am inceput sa citesc de ceva timp e-book-uri de vreo 2 ani si ma ajuta enorm, deoarece nu mai trebuie sa car atatea dupa mine. Cartile din engleza mi se par geniale, nu-mi dau seama exact de ce. Tine-o tot asa. Diana

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