Review: Being Human by Patricia Lynne

‘’Being Human’’ is an intense thrill-ride that you don’t have to miss if you like books with vampires. I really liked this book and I also liked Patricia’s writing style. That’s why I will definitely be picking up anything Patricia writes in the future.
This book is divided in five parts so I would like to talk a little bit about each one.

Well, the first part was OK, but that’s all I can say about it. It is about Tommy’s life as a new vampire and how he tries to survive. He murdered his parents and the only person who understands him is his twin brother, Danny. From my point of view, Danny was an amazing character and an amazing brother. The bound between him and Tommy was very special.

The second part was so interesting because it’s about Danny’s life at college. And that’s why things are changing a little bit. Tommy must learn to not depend so much on his brother, he must understand that Danny is turning into a man now.
Also, in this part we meet a new character, Amber (Fallen).

I don’t know why, but I liked this girl. Even she wasn’t a good person in the end, I think she and Tommy had a very nice friendship.
Oh, and I didn’t like the fact that Tommy killed her.

The third part was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Danny has a family now: Rissa –his wife-, Mackenzie –his daughter- and Tommy, his vampire brother. Mackenzie loves her uncle and she isn’t afraid of him. The relationship between them was very cute and I liked it. Tommy would do anything to keep Mackenzie safe, even killing the monsters. But Mackenzie isn’t in danger for now – but her little friend Jamie is.
Tommy will rescue he, but he doesn’t know how things will change in the future.

Time passed and Mackenzie is a teenager. So is Jamie – the little girl Tommy rescued in the past. A lot of things will happen between them. But most important, Tommy will find true love.

Tommy is in real danger. Finally VF (Vampire Forces) caught him. Will he manage to escape? Will he return to his family and his love? You have to read the book to find out.
The fifth part was the shortest one, but I enjoyed reading it.

Overall, if you want a good book with vampires, action and a little bit of romance then I would recommend ‘’Being Human’’ to you. And I want to mention that ‘’Being Human’’ is a book that shows us that even a vampire can act and feel like a human. Patricia’s imagination is unbelievable.




13 gânduri despre „Review: Being Human by Patricia Lynne

  1. Thanks for the review, Antonia. =D

  2. bianca spune:

    si eu citesc acum asta si imi place

  3. bianca spune:

    ce mi se pare interesant e ca se pune accent pe iubirea dintre frati si ca indiferent de ceea ce devi mereu te intorci dupa un frate

  4. bianca spune:

    ma bucur ca ti-a placut si i-ai facut o recenzie frumoasa

  5. furelise spune:

    Cartea pare interesanta. L-am vazut din prima pe Damon acolo. Stiu ca-l cheama Ian, dar am sa-i spun Damon toata viata :))

  6. furelise spune:

    Am aflat de curand ca relatiile fratesti se numesc bromance :)) Dragut, sau ce? 🙂

  7. furelise spune:

    Imi place coperta, este foarte frumoasa si reprezentativa 🙂

  8. furelise spune:

    Imi place ideea ca cei 2, Tommy si Danny sunt gemeni, unul este un vampir nou, celalalt fiinta umana 🙂

  9. furelise spune:

    Cred ca mi-ar placea sa o citesc, mai ales ca personajele nu se incadreaza in tiparul adolescentilor de 16 ani 🙂

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