Recenzie: Rua de Miranda Kavi

Astazi am terminat de citit o carte foarte draguta, numita ”Rua”. Cartea este scrisa de Miranda Kavi, una dintre autoarele pe care le-am si intervievat pe blog. Recenzia este in Engleza, pentru ca trebuie sa o vada si autoarea.


I have a very good opinion about ”Rua”. I didn’t think that I could like it so much. Seriously, Miranda created a beautiful story and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to read it.
The description was short and I guess that’s why I was so interested in the book. But I think it’s better that way, because it makes you want the book more.
Before I start to write the resume, I want to tell my opinion about the cover. It is so beautiful and it is definitely one of my favorites. Those colors look amazing on it.

The main character is Celeste, an almost seventeen years old girl. But she isn’t exactly a normal one. Not when she moves in Kansas with her parents and weird things are starting to happen. Like being followed by black birds, hearing whispering voices or having purple light coming out of her body.
At least she has a friend – Tink – and she can always count on him. Tink is a very important character in the book and he is very funny and sweet. But he isn’t the boy Celeste wants.
And now we can talk about Rylan and how he stole Celeste’s heart from the first moment. He is hot and he is exactly what every girl wants. Rylan and Celeste weren’t so close from the first moment. It took some time till they realized that they love and need each other. And they had some pretty intense moments together.
From now on, Celeste and Rylan must pass through some difficult obstacles. A strange creature called Fayga is haunting her and kidnapping two of her friends.
Celeste must save their lives before it isn’t to late. Will she find the power to destroy Fayga? You have to read the book to find out.

My thoughts after I read the ending:

Overall, ”Rua” is a good book and if you have the chance to read it, don’t miss it. You won’t be disappointed.
Thank you, Miranda, for giving me an e-copy of your book. I really enjoyed reading it.

RATING: 4/5  stars


9 gânduri despre „Recenzie: Rua de Miranda Kavi

  1. larisaoana spune:

    Dupa atatea vorbe bune, gandurile mele: I NEED to read that.

  2. Dragutza Vale spune:

    e faina coperta.atatea culori……daca as sti engleza!

  3. bianca spune:

    e frumoasa rau coperta

  4. bianca spune:

    imi place tatuajul de pe gatul fetei

  5. bianca spune:

    ce draguta e aria aici chiar daca nu prea sunt eu fana

  6. bianca spune:

    tu ai citit cartea ebook nu ?

  7. bianca spune:

    i-am trimis si eu mesaj autoarei si inca nu mi-a raspuns mai astept

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