Interview with….Jennifer L. Armentrout


  1. Tell us something about you and your books. What means writing for you?
    Writing means everything to me. I think it’s the one thing that keeps me sane or from dying from boredom. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I’m so grateful to be able to do it. I write about pretty much everything–fantasy to contemporary, adult and young adult. I like to keep it diverse.
  2. Can you tell us something about „Opal”? (I am so, so curious 😀 )
    Hmm… A couple of characters from the past resurface. Daemon and Katy try to have a normal date. And Kat loses another laptop
  3. If you were a character in „Obsidian”, which character would you be?
    Probably Dee.
  4. Which is your favorite book and who is your favorite author?
    I just can’t pick one. It really varies from what I’m in the mood to read. I’m a huge fan of Wendy Higgins, Jeri Smith Ready, Rachel Vincent, Kim Harrington, Leigh Fallon, JR Ward… the list could go on and on
  5. Do you have an advice for your Romanian readers?
    I hope the enjoy the series!
Thank you so, so much because you accepted to do an interview with me.
Thank you for having me
V-a placut interviul???

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9 gânduri despre „Interview with….Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. larisaoana spune:

    Sigur ca mi-a placut interviul, eu vrerau sa apuc sa citesc in curand Obsidian.

  2. paunaoana spune:

    „I think it’s the one thing that keeps me sane or from dying from boredom.”pentru mine cititul ma salveaza din lumea asta nebuna!

  3. paunaoana spune:

    reusit interviu!cand le scri mai scurte,nu ma plictisesc si chiar il citesc pe tot.m-am obisnuit sa frunzaresc textul cand mi se pare prea lung si surprind esentialul.

  4. paunaoana spune:

    asta am invatat-o dintr-o carte despre cum sa inveti,citita intr-a 8-a.

  5. bianca spune:

    mie imi place coperta cartii mult si autoarea e frumoasa

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