Recenzie: Going Under de Georgia Cates

Ce-i drept, am terminat cartea asta acum exact o saptamana, dar nu m-am lasat sufletelul sa scriu o recenzie. Dar am facut-o si pe asta.

Stiti voi, ca de obicei, trebuie sa las recenzia in Engleza pentru ca aceasta a fost o copie electronica pentru recenzie.

”Going Under” was such a fast read, I can’t believe I won’t have the opportunity to read more about Jessie’s and Claire’s story in the next book (that doesn’t mean I don’t want to read Payton’s story) .
But, at least, I’m happy because the story ended well…very well, I can say.

What can be more beautiful than true love? I’ll tell you : NOTHING.
That’s what happens with Jessie and Claire. It all started as a game, but ended with a ……(I can’t tell you, it’s TOP secret<3 )

Gosh…..I don’t even have the right words to describe their relationship. It was so HOT and PASSIONATE. It was just PERFECT. Jessie is definitely the bad boy type , the one that doesn’t care about love, until he meets the right person, which is Claire. That petite little auburn haired girl knows how to disturb his life .
Even if he wants Claire, Jessie knows that he can’t drag her in his messy life. Because Claire deserves more than that. Of course, Claire doesn’t give up and makes the impossible to show Jessie that she doesn’t care how bad he can be, because she loves him.
And things get complicated when Jessie meets Claire’s parents.

Now, Jessie has to make some important decisions considering his relationship with Claire. Will they be together in the end or will they have to go on separate ways?

I highly recommend you this book. You’ll fall in love with Jessie (but don’t forget to take some napkins, because he will make you cry ) , Claire and Payton (she’s such a funny character).

All my best wishes for Mrs. Georgia, who was so generous to give me an e-copy of her amazing book<3 .

Rating: 5/5 Stars


6 gânduri despre „Recenzie: Going Under de Georgia Cates

  1. Pare o carte foarte interesanta care merita citita

  2. Alexa Ale spune:

    Cat de mult imi place recenzia. Si coperta este superba

  3. paunaoana spune:

    imi place recenzia,coperta ma duce cu gandul la inec si ma cam sperie.

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