Interviu cu……Janet Fox

   1. Tell us something about you. Did you always wanted to be a writer?

The first time I remember thinking about becoming a writer I was seven years old. So I guess the answer is “yes”! At that time I wrote poetry, but I’m not a poet at heart. I love writing novels, and I write young adult to reflect the kinds of books I love. I think mentally I’m still about 15 years old, and still dealing with the same issues: loneliness, rejection, feeling powerless. I’m still trying to overcome or at least understand those feelings.

2. Do you have a writing routine?

I write every day. I try to write a minimum of 3 pages a day, but I aim to write 10. I don’t try to write all at once; I allow myself to start and stop, so that my brain can process my ideas. Sometimes I have to push myself to get started, but most of the time I can’t wait to get back to my story.

3. For those who are unfamiliar with your series: FAITHFUL, how would you introduce it?

FAITHFUL is set in 1904 in Yellowstone National Park, a magical but entirely  real place. Maggie has lost her mother, and is trying to find her; she ends up finding herself. Along the way she encounters some mysteries (I don’t want to spoil things for readers!) – I’ll just say that FORGIVEN (set during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake) follows one of those mysteries. The third novel, SIRENS (out November 8) is completely new (set in 1925 New York City – flappers and bootleggers plus a supernatural mystery), but I hope to tie all of these books together in a book I’m planning called PARADISE.

4. What inspired you to write it?

Ah. Well, I lost my own mother. And I was exploring those issues of grief and loss and love. That’s how FAITHFUL started. And I love Yellowstone! I’ve visited many times, and it is one of the most fantastic places on earth.

5. Do you have another projects in your mind?

I’m currently working on a science fiction YA novel (or series) set way in the future, when the earth has become uninhabitable, and a middle grade fantasy about a boy who sells his soul to save his sister.

6. Which book do you wish you could have written?

Wow. Great question. Well, of course I wish I could’ve written HARRY POTTER. But of YA, I think THE HUNGER GAMES. What a thrilling, but dark and difficult, book series, beautifully written and very exciting.

7. Favourite author of all time? Or favourite book?

I think I would have to say LORD OF THE RINGS and JRR Tolkien, because I read them when I was about 14 and they cemented my desire to become a writer. And I’ve re-read them more than anything else on my bookshelf. He’s so brilliant at setting, character, plot…what more could a reader want?

8. What kind of music do you like to listen?

Everything. Seriously. I listen to contemporary (I love Coldplay), old rock and roll, jazz, classical. I wanted to be a musician once in my past. In fact I wanted to be a rock singer…but that’s another story for another time!

9. Which is your favourite holiday?

Christmas. I love the festivity, the lights, the color, the pageantry. I love seeing family and friends. I love snow. J

10. Do you have an advice for your Romanian readers?

Well, first of all, you are all wonderful!!! I don’t know how you’ve found me, but I’m thrilled. I’m really hoping my books can be published in Romania and in Romanian. Maybe if you ask at your local bookstores, they’ll pass the word. But more importantly, keep reading. It’s your window into all of life.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Janet, for giving me the opportunity to interview you on my blog<3 😀

Si, voi, dragilor, ce credeti despre interviu? V-ar placea sa cititi FAITHFUL ?

6 gânduri despre „Interviu cu……Janet Fox

  1. este un interviu foarte reusit si clar mi-ar placea sa citesc cartea

  2. Alexa Ale spune:

    Cat de mult imi place interviul. Si in general toate interviurile care le publici. Sunt foarte interesante

  3. paunaoana spune:

    felicitari pt interviu!e reusit!

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