Interviu cu……Ashley Harrison Blalock

Astazi am avut onoarea de a o intervieva pe Ashley Harrison Blalock, autoarea cartii ”An Immortal Legacy”

Hi, Mrs. Ashley!

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to interview you on my blog<3

I hope that everybody will enjoy the interview.

1.Tell us something about you. Did you always wanted to be a writer?

Actually, I was never even an avid reader until about four years ago. Growing up, I spent most of my time outdoors playing sports (softball, basketball, and soccer). When I finally began to read, I found my interest in writing. This story developed in my head and after I couldn’t stop thinking about it or dreaming about the characters (yes, literally dreaming about them) I put a pencil to paper and was amazed at the ideas that just seemed to flow from me.  I still cannot get used to calling myself an author.

2. For those who are unfamiliar with your book: ‘’An Immortal Legacy’’, how would you introduce it?

It isn’t just another vampire book. I tried to create a world that was both entertaining and unlike anything else out there. It is a keep you wanting more, action packed fantasy filled with romance and characters with awesome abilities (no mind reading involved). The main character, Brooke Hansen, receives more than just worldly possessions in an inheritance from her unknown great-grandfather. She soon learns that she is also given a guardian (yes he‘s a vampire). The very handsome and mysterious Cameron O’Conner. The relationship that develops between Brooke and Cameron may threaten both their lives when they must face an evil race of vampires. Yes there are different races of vampires. Some who are not as limited by the sun, others who’s fangs do not retract and although they may be small in stature, they are tenacious fighters. Then you have the evil race, the Northern Vampires, who are more like the old time Transylvanian-like vampires who cannot come out during the day at all.

3.What inspired you to write it?

I finally gave in to the story that kept repeating itself in my head. I thought nothing would come of it and decided I had nothing to lose. I did not tell anyone, not even my family. I didn’t want anyone to ask me, “How is the book going“, in case I decided to quit writing.  After four months I was shocked to see that I had finished writing (that was the easy part by the wayJ) an 81,000 word novel. Needless to say, my family was shocked as well. An Immortal Legacy was the first thing that I had ever written.

4.Do have another projects in your mind?

I have the second book in this series, Consumed, finished and hope to have it available for kindle by February 2013. I also have another book I am currently writing. It is fantasy but it isn’t vampire. So far it’s title is, Legend of Beasts. I can say that the characters are immortal shifters though 😉

5.Which book do you wish you could have written?

Twilight! Well, I wish I would have thought of my story first. All other vampire novels will always be in both, Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse’s shadows. Every book in that particular genre will be compared to those. Something that I do not like but hey it comes with the territory. Both of those authors are great and have been an inspiration to many, including myself.

6.Favourite author of all time? Or favorite book?

Charlaine Harris. Everything I have read that she authored, I really liked. I haven’t read every series by her but hope to. It’s hard to find time.

7.How do you like to spend your free time?

Well, if I’m not tired, I write. I do not have as much time to write as I would like. I have to go to a real job every weekday. By day, I am an evil tax collector, but by night I am the heroin of whatever story I decide to write. I also have a three and four year old who both think they must have my undivided attention at all times. Many times, sleep wins when I free time.

8.What kind of music do you like to listen?

All different types. Right now I am hooked on Adele.

9.Which is your favorite holiday?

Christmas. I love spending time with my family, eating great food, and seeing my kids light up when they open their gifts.

10.Do you have an advice for your Romanian readers?

Try something new. That’s what I did when I began writing. It allowed me to discover a new talent. It has been an amazing  journey.

Don’t you like her answers? Because I love them (yay, she is Adele’s fan, just like us<3) 😀 😀 😀


10 gânduri despre „Interviu cu……Ashley Harrison Blalock

  1. Pauna Oana spune:

    interesant interviul si bine realizat.Felicitari pentru aceasta minunata ocazie si multumim pentru informatiile inedite oferite.

  2. Alexandra M. spune:

    Un interviu foarte interesant. Chiar sunt curioasa in legatura cu cartea. As vrea sa o citesc

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