Recenzie: ReVamped de Ada Adams

Am sa las recenzia cartii ”ReVamped”  in limba Engleza, exact cum am lasat-o si pe Goodreads deoarece trebuie sa-i trimit link-ul autoarei. Dar oricum voi o sa intelegeti ce am scris 😀 .

Lately, I gave up reading books with vampires. I got tired of the same thing- vampires that feed with human’s blood, love stories between a vampire and a mortal or reverse.
But ”ReVamped” caught my eye from the first moment. This book was so different from the others and in a good way.

The main character is Dawn, a nineteen-year-old vampire. This girl is such a powerful character, you have to love her. Her mother died when she was born and her father tried to educate her in his own way – making from Dawn his best warrior.
He sends Dawn on a mission, in Angel Creek. She must revamp four misfits -Brooke, Sophie, Seth and Hunter- to become guardians of the town. Training them isn’t so easy as it seems, but Dawn is unstoppable.
But when it comes to boys, things are getting complicated. Caught between Ethan – a gorgeous boy and Sebastian – a handsome vampire, Dawn’s life is completely messed up.
Her new friend, Hannah is kidnapped, and the fearless vampire makes the possible and impossible to rescue her. That means dealing with big bad vampires.
Because this isn’t enough, Dawn finds out the truth about her identity. She finds out who Aurora is and why is she so connected with her and with her family.
Downhearted, Dawn must be on guard when her uncle, Victor, is hunting her. This harmful vampire is trying to kill Dawn and become the U.S. Vampire President.

The big battle is just beginning and only one vampire will be the winner. Characters will die, secrets will be revealed and Dawn will have to fight till the end.

Dawn is definitely my favourite character. Like I already said, she is a powerful and smart vampire. She is a badass!
After Dawn, Sebastian won my heart. He is the bad boy type, but in the same time he is kind and sensible.
The other characters were amazing, too. Some of them made me laugh, some of them made me cry and some of them made me scream (yeah, I love them).

Only one word: STUNNING

”ReVamped” is an amazing book and everybody should read it.
I can’t compare it with another book with vampires.

Thanks, Mrs. Ada, for giving me an e-copy of your book. I really enjoyed reading it.


5/5 Stars


25 de gânduri despre „Recenzie: ReVamped de Ada Adams

  1. pare o carte interesanta, mi-as dori s-o citesc

  2. paunaoana spune:

    interesant.e 6 dimineata,mor de somn….

  3. Alexandra M. spune:

    Pare o carte destul de interesanta. Coperta imi place mult

  4. Alexandra M. spune:

    Nici nu am observat colierul pana nu ai zis. Foarte dragut e

  5. paunaoana spune:

    forma ochilor ei e deosebita.e de o frumusete naturala.genetica.

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