Recenzie : Cicada de Belle Whittington

Am primit aceasta carte in format electronic de la autoare pentru recenzie. Recenzia este in engleza , dar poate ca mai tarziu o voi traduce si in Romana.

Blair and her friends -Andrew , Everett , Natalie and David – usually spent a funny summer together , that means nothing strange in their lives.
But , this summer things had changed and they must pass through some difficult obstacles if they want to live.
First , they discovered an abandoned building , one they have never seen before. But the real problem starts when they found that creepy crop circle on the pasture near Blair’s grandpa ranch.
Somebody cut it in the grass , and they must figure out who . They start to investigate the problem , and then they find it in the forest…IT – the strange cocoon.
They should have leave it there , but they didn’t. Everett took it to his storage , the place where he puts all his bugs and insects.

Days are passing and the cocoon starts to grow up and it takes Everett’s appearance. OK , that’s completely weird , but it’s true.
The connection between ”The Cicada” (that’s how Blair and her friends called it) and Everett is bigger and even more dangerous.

”Them” are trying to capture and kill ”The Cicada” , but Blair must not allow it. Even she tries to keep it safe , ”them” captured and tortured Everett. Poor Everett , ”them” tortured him to death.
Finally , Blair , Andrew and David rescued Everett from those creepy creatures and brought him at the hospital.

Everett is healing , but he will never be the same ”bug boy”. He is different , more stronger.
Besides that , he is becoming something ……….strange. I won’t tell what , because I don’t want to give many spoilers. Anyway , he leaves because he joins the Marina. And he leaves after he told Blair that he loves her. So sad , isn’t it?
In fact , everyone is leaving : Everett joins the Marina , Natalie goes to college and David follows her , Andrew (Blair’s brother) has to solve some problems away from home.
Blair remains here , with her mother and her grandparents . But she stays for something: she must find out what her dead father discovered years ago. It seems to be that he found the same thing she and her friends found this summer : A ”Cicada”.

Mrs. Belle gave us the opportunity to read three chapters from the next book ”Firefly”. I won’t talk about that three chapters because I want to read the whole book .

I thought this book was good , but I was wrong. It is FANTASTIC , and I’m not saying this just because I have to write a review.
Mrs. Belle gave me an e-copy of the book and I can’t thank her enough.
The story she wrote will lead you in a different world , where the supernatural is anywhere.
I didn’t understand why the name of the book is ”Cicada” , but all my questions were clarified after I read the book. By the way , it is an original title (thumbs up for Mrs. Belle Whittington).

These are some Fan Arts I made after I read the book:


6 gânduri despre „Recenzie : Cicada de Belle Whittington

  1. bellewhittington spune:

    Lovely Antonia, I’m so glad you enjoyed „Cicada”! Thank you so much for your heart-felt review! ❤

    And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fan art!!!!! They are beautiful!!!!


  2. Pauna Oana spune:

    am auzit multe lucruri bune despre ea si imi place subiectul.

  3. […] Hi there Today is my turn to post my review of  ”Firefly” by Belle Whittington, the second book in the series ”Cicada”. You can check out my review for the first book here. […]

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